Inset Basins

We are pleased to be able to supply a wide range of inset basins from respected sanitary ware manufacturers such as Armitage Shanks and Twyford, available for order on our website for quick delivery. Inset basins are designed for installation into the deck of a vanity unit. They are fully inset leaving no view of the basin’s underneath or pipework.

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Inset Basins for Commercial Washrooms

Inset basins are usually installed into a countertop or vanity unit. As they do not overhang and can be used in any commercial environment, they are ideal for saving space in smaller bathrooms and washrooms. Our range of inset countertop basins are available in a variety of sizes and often have options of two tap holes, one tap hole, and no tap holes, meaning that we will always have something to suit your requirements.

As well as traditional ceramic basins we are also able to supply stainless steel options for our inset basins, should that be required. Our inset basins are manufactured by 

Many common questions and general advice on inset basins and sinks can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Washroom Sinks information and questions. 

Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our basin and sinks have been included.

If you are looking for a particular basin other than an inset basin and are unable to see it on our website, or would like any advice on our products, then please get in touch with our sales team via phone or email and they will be happy to assist.

Inset Basin FAQ

What is an inset basin?

Inset basins (also known as inset countertop basins) sit within a countertop or vanity unit and are ideal for saving space in any commercial washroom. 

Benefits of inset basins

Inset basins are ideal for contemporary bathrooms and commercial washrooms. Here are just a few benefits of installing an inset basin in your home or workplace:

  • They’re stylish - inset countertop basins are very sleek and stylish, adding a modern touch to your washroom. They’re ideal if you’re considering upgrading your current wash basin as they have a more contemporary and minimalist appearance. 

  • They can save space - inset basins are perfect for smaller bathrooms as they allow for more storage space on the countertop.

  • Inset basins come in a variety of shapes and sizes - this means that they can fit into any commercial washroom or bathroom according to available space. 

  • They are easy to clean and maintain compared to some other counter mounted washbasins. 

What type of sink is best?

Whether you’re replacing an existing sink (such as an inset countertop basin) or designing a new washroom, deciding which type of basin is best can be challenging. Here are some things that you should consider first:

  • How big your washroom is

  • What your budget is

  • Where your existing plumbing is

  • What style your washroom is - is it modern or traditional?

Here at Commercial washrooms, we stock inset basins as well as a range of other basins, including:

So there is something for every type of washroom. For more information on our range of basins and their qualities, take a look at our blog here

How to replace a basin mixer tap

If you are looking to replace a basin mixer tap, we advise you to use a qualified plumber to complete the work in order to avoid any accidental damage to your washroom. 

A basin mixer tap can be replaced by completing the following steps:

  1. Turn off your water supply

  2. Remove your current taps - firstly, you will need to unscrew the nuts locking your tap to your basin. You can then remove the old tap from the basin. 

  3. Install the new tap - you will need to connect the threaded post to your tap, feeding it through the basin hole. Once your tap is sitting on the top of the basin, you will need to secure it by screwing nuts to the threaded post. If your taps feel at all loose, you should screw the nuts further so they are fitted tightly. 

  4. Connect to your plumbing - there should be some connectors to screw into your tap which can then be connected to the pipework. There should also be a compression fitting between your connectors and pipes as this will ensure that the pressure of the pipes is safe.

  5. Turn on your water supply - This is the final stage of replacing a basin mixer tap and you should now have water flowing out of your taps!

How to clean ceramic basin

Ceramic is an easy basin material to clean, here is how you can get your basin looking  shiny and new again:

  • Using hot water (with soap) and a cloth to wipe the sink is an easy way to clean ceramic. Using cleaning sprays and solutions may actually cause damage to your basin. 

  • Using white vinegar and water (50/50 mix) is also effective. Make sure you do not leave vinegar on the surface and rinse the basin with hot water afterwards. 

  • Using a small brush to scrape away any buildups of limescale and grime. 

  • Using a wedge of lemon to rub the basin (rinsing the sink with warm water after 30 minutes)

Remember to regularly rinse and clean your basin to keep your washrooms fresh!