Commercial Soap Dispensers

An assortment of hand soap dispensers from brands including Dolphin and Bobrick intended for commercial washroom use. At Commercial Washrooms, we are pleased to showcase one of the largest selections of commercial soap dispensers available within the UK washroom market from some of the top brands. We provide wall mounted soap dispensers, counter mounted soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers and more in stainless steel or ABS plastic. Shop online for a commercial hand soap dispenser today.

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Commercial Soap Dispensers for Washrooms

When shopping for a hand soap dispenser, you can choose from a variety of sizes and material types, including stainless steel and ABS plastic, and between traditional, manually operated hand soap dispensers, automatics, semi-recessed for wall installation, and counter-top variants of soap dispenser. Our products include soap dispensers with clear windows to allow staff to see when soap needs refilling and hand soap dispensers with non-drip systems, helping to keep bathrooms clean and tidy. 

Our focus on the commercial washroom marketplace ensures that no matter the budget and style of the washroom, we will be able to supply a hand soap dispenser which looks and acts the part. You can see more details on the different styles and types of hand soap dispensers we have on offer in our range below:

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers do exactly what they say on the tin; rather than having a pump mechanism to release the soap, an automatic hand soap dispenser uses in-built sensors which detects infrared energy and releases a designated amount of soap into the user’s hands beneath it.The fact that the user will never have to actually touch the soap dispenser is what makes automatic soap dispensers  one of the most hygienic options around for your washroom or bathroom.

Counter Mounted Soap Dispensers

Counter Mounted Soap Dispensers are another style of soap dispenser in our range; ideal for use with vanity units and on counter top wash areas. Simple to use and easy to refill, these soap dispensers are a popular choice in a variety of washroom environments and give a minimalist, refined look to your bathroom facilities. These soap dispensers are available in a variety of finishes including luxury satin and polished stainless steel to suit your preference.

Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Easy to install and maintain, wall mounted soap dispensers are one of our most popular (and best) choices for a soap dispenser in washroom and bathroom environments. Wall mounted soap dispensers come in different styles and are slick and organised, enhancing your washroom’s design as well as making them easier to clean, by being out of the way. Wall mounted dispensers are typically mounted right above the basin so they couldn’t be more convenient for users.

Hand Soap Dispenser FAQs

How does a soap dispenser work?

Soap dispensers are designed to easily be used to maintain a clean and hygienic environment but they can operate differently depending on the type you have. For example, many hand soap dispensers will require the user to push a button or pump to release a standard amount of soap. Automatic soap dispensers on the other hand are touch-free and have sensors that detect the users hands; when hands are detected, soap will be released. 

How to open up a soap dispenser?

Most commercial hand soap dispensers open up the same way; there should be a press release button located at the rear underside of the dispenser. This will ease the cover forward and allow you to check and/replace the inner soap bag.

How to unclog a soap dispenser?

If the pump for a lotion, shampoo or liquid soap type dispenser stops working, the pump is usually just clogged in the pump action. Remove the lid to your soap, lotion, or skin care product, and soak the pump in hot water. Allow the clog to soften up and pump some of the hot water through the pump, this should help fix your hand soap dispenser.

How to refill hand soap dispenser

Firstly, you’ll need to locate the lever (which is often on the underside of the hand soap dispenser) and push it whilst pulling the top of the dispenser towards you until it comes off. You’ll then need to remove the empty plastic soap bag from the nozzle and replace it with a full soap bag, ensuring the nozzle is securely attached to the new bag. Finally, you can close the dispenser by pushing it back in place (you should hear a click when it is secure). To make sure it is working correctly, practice using it yourself. You can find out more on how to refill a hand soap dispenser here

Where to place soap dispenser on sink

Whether they are countertop or wall mounted soap dispensers, it’s important for commercial soap dispensers to be placed conveniently to allow for a smooth traffic flow. Ideally, hand soap dispensers should be above or beside the basins so they are visible and within reach of the sink - this prevents users from having to walk around the bathroom or struggling to find the soap. 

Are soap dispensers worth it?

Not only are they essential for promoting good hygiene, a soap dispenser will make an excellent addition to any commercial washroom as they help to create a more uniformed look and you can pick the style which best suits your bathroom. Soap dispensers can easily be refilled and can be conveniently placed above or beside basins. 

How to stop a soap dispenser from dripping

Sometimes soap dispensers can leak, and you don’t want to have a messy washroom! There are a few reasons why a soap dispenser might drip, such as an issue with the pump or a faulty reservoir but you can find out more in our article here

Can’t find the soap dispenser answers you’re looking for? Many common questions and general advice on hand soap dispensers can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Washroom Soap Dispensers and Washroom Hygiene information and questions. You can also browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our hand soap dispensers have been included.

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