Doc-M Shower Packs

Commercial Washrooms is the UK’s leading online specialist in commercial use disabled products such as Doc M shower packs for the elderly and those with disabilities. Our Doc M packs include Doc M Toilet Packs and Doc M Changing Room Packs which are designed to bring users extra comfort and support so they can be more independent. Our disabled showers come as a compliant pre-boxed pack (Doc M Shower Pack) with fittings such as a: shower valve, shower head, thermostatic mixing valve, seat and grab rails. Grab rails are available in a choice of colours, including white, blue, grey, brushed and polished stainless steel so you can choose the design which works best for your washroom.

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Doc M Shower Packs for commercial Washrooms

Disabled shower room packs can be purchased in a single box known as a Doc M Shower Pack. This includes all of the necessary components for compliance with Document M of the UK building regulations and will ensure that a disabled, elderly or frail person is able to shower in comfort.

The act of showering is often taken for granted but for many, it is not quite as easy. Our range of Doc M shower products aims to make life easier for those affected with a disability so that they can gain more independence and use washroom facilities with confidence. For example, our thermostatic mixing valves (TMV3 approved) prevent scalding; our grab rails assist users in the shower so they can stay balanced and our shower seats provide comfort.

Our stock includes Doc M shower packs and products from leading manufacturers such as Armitage Shanks, Delabie, NYMAS and Twyford Bathrooms as well as our own value range. All products are aimed at commercial installations such as leisure centres and changing rooms.

For advice and guidance on Doc M shower packs relevant to your installation please contact a member of the Commercial Washrooms team on 01202 650900.

Doc M Shower Packs FAQ

What is a Doc-M pack?

A Doc-M pack is the shortened term for ‘Document M’, which is part of building regulations and consists of a set of products which are specially designed for disabled users. For example, a Doc M shower pack can include a shower seat for comfort and grab rails for users to hold onto for support. These features are not typically found in a standard shower and are included in a Doc M pack so that bathroom facilities can cater for those with disabilities

Where to put grab rails in the shower

Grab rails are designed to support disabled users in showers and other bathroom facilities which means that they need to be installed at the right height and be easy to hold onto. It is advised that grab rails are installed between 33-36 inches above the floor for toilets and Doc M showers. 

What are the benefits of a Doc M shower?

There are many benefits of having a Doc M shower, including:

  • They increase accessibility - Doc M shower packs allow for disabled users to shower comfortably and it is also easier for carers or staff to assist users when needed. 

  • They improve safety - for example, Doc M shower packs will include a shower seat which reduces the likelihood of users falling over and are particularly useful for those who use wheelchairs or find it difficult to stand/balance themselves. Furthermore, grab rails allow users to steady themselves and are there for extra support to avoid slipping. 

  • They can have a positive impact on a user’s life - Doc m shower packs give users more independence as they are more comfortable to use washroom facilities with additional support.

What are the common features of a Doc M shower pack?

A Doc M shower pack will usually include the following products and features to ensure the safety of disabled users: 

  • TMV3 thermostatic shower kit which prevents users from scalding themselves

  • Grab rails for users to hold onto to keep upright and balanced

  • Rails and shower curtains for privacy

  • Alarm cord in the case of emergencies 

  • Shower seat and backrest for users to sit comfortably in (these may also fold up against the wall for added space)

  • Coat/robe hook

These are just some typical products that come with a Doc M shower pack, it is important to note that all Doc-M shower packs vary so you will need to check what is included in product descriptions. 

You can find out more about what’s included in a Doc M pack here.

How to remove a disabled shower seat

If you are considering purchasing a Doc M shower pack, you may already have a shower seat which needs replacing. Here’s how you can remove a disabled shower seat:

  1. Use a flathead screwdriver to take off the caps for the mounting pins 

  2. Holding onto the shower seat (so it doesn’t fall from the wall), use a hammer to hit and push the pins through the opposite side (pull the pins out from the other end once pushed through). You may struggle to complete this step alone so enlist the help of another to hold the shower seat in place if necessary. 

  3. Take off the seat from its mounting brackets and remove the bracket covers

  4. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the mounting bracket screws

At this stage, you can take a look at your new shower seat and begin the process of installing it. Please note that this task should be carried out by a professional or someone with experience in mounting/dismounting shower seats to ensure the safety of users and to avoid causing wall damage. 

What does level access shower mean?

A level access shower is a washroom space which is more accessible for disabled users, elderly and children as there is not a step or raise for users to climb over in order to enter the shower. A Doc M shower is usually situated in a level access shower as they are much easier for those with disabilities to use.