Height Adjustable Wash Basin Packs

Our range of height-adjustable basin packs from trusted brands such as Armitage Shanks and Pressalit are essential washroom aids suitable for disabled changing rooms and toilets . They are created with the user in mind, giving them independence whilst ensuring they are comfortable and safe in a more accessible washroom.

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Height adjustable basins for increased independence


Our range of height adjustable basin packs are essential washroom aids suitable for disabled washroom facilities and changing places. They’re ideal for users who may have progressively changing needs as they can be raised or lowered for sitting or standing individuals. 


With manual, gas-assisted and electric brackets available, there is a suitable system for creating washroom adaptations for both seated and standing users.


The ergonomically designed wash basins can be adjusted quickly and smoothly by a range of 300mm and each has a unique design feature that will allow users to sit comfortably underneath the basin whilst also being able bear the weight of a standing user. We supply height adjustable wash basins with either vertical adjustment or both vertical and horizontal which offers more flexibility.


Some of our height adjustable basin packs give you the option to include other features for easy accessibility, such as integrated handrails and TMV3 mixer taps designed with safety in mind. We also supply adjustable basins which conceal pipework - a great option for modern bathrooms. 


Height adjustable basins and sinks form part of the Changing Places specification list. They are often included along with height adjustable showers & changing tables for adults and Doc M Toilet Packs. Why not take a look at our other accessibility packs, such as Doc M shower packs and disabled toilets to complete your washroom? If you’re looking to refurbish your facilities, Commercial Washrooms offers a complete supply and fit service to help you improve and make the most of your available bathroom space.


Many common questions and general advice on disabled washrooms and Doc M Packs can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Disabled Toilets information and questions. You can also browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our Doc M Packs have been included.


If you have any questions about our height adjustable basin products or for further help in specifying disabled washroom products please get in touch with our specialist team who will be happy to help you find the accessible bathroom solution for you.


Height adjustable basin FAQs


What height should a disabled basin be?


A disabled basin should be installed at a height of between 720-740mm (as recommended by Document M). Our range of height adjustable wash basins are ideal for disabled washrooms as you can adjust the basin accordingly and to suit an individual’s needs.


Who is a height adjustable wash basin suitable for?


A height adjustable basin can suit many commercial washrooms, particularly those which need to provide bathroom facilities with equal access, including schools, offices, healthcare facilities and public washrooms.


How to adjust a sink


We sell height adjustable sink products with gas-assisted, manual or electric brackets. What you need to do in order to adjust your sink will depend on the type of sink you have and can vary across models. For example, some height adjustable sinks will feature a lever or crank handle for the user to manually adjust the basin’s height.


What are the benefits of an adjustable basin?


Having a height adjustable wash basin in your washroom facilities has many benefits, including:

  • They can be adjusted to suit an individual’s needs, providing more comfort and accessibility when visitors, staff and others are using your facilities.

  • They offer more support - some height adjustable sink packs include integrated handrails which helps to assist standing users.

  • They give users more independence as the adjustable basin can easily be raised or lowered to accommodate the user when washing their hands.

  • They’re robust and can hold the weight of standing users and can be raised to provide easy access to wheelchair users.

  • Their simple designs make them easy to use and control.

  • They’re suitable for use in a domestic setting as well as in commercial washrooms such as hospitals, schools, healthcare settings, offices and public toilets.