Washroom Mirrors

Our commercial bathroom mirrors are designed specifically for washroom environments and range in style, from traditional to contemporary; adding the desired finish to your project.

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Washroom mirrors to fit any commercial bathroom design

From standard washroom mirrors to framed and shatterproof mirrors, all of our commercial washroom  mirror products can be purchased online and will be carefully packaged to minimise the risk of damage whilst in transit.

Our range includes products from leading manufacturers such as Franke and Bobrick as well as our own brand. Many of our washroom mirrors are ideal for installing above vanity units

Our selection of metal-framed mirrors is available with a choice of standard or tempered glass (for increased safety) and we have solutions to suit all budgets. They are manufactured from robust brushed stainless steel to match many other washroom accessories. We are also pleased to offer sheet metal mirrors and vandal-resistant mirrors that are ideal for vandal-prone areas such as public toilets, prisons and school toilets.

Our mirror combination units incorporate hidden accessories such as hand dryers, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers. These cabinets are factory fitted with the accessories behind a mirror that can easily be lifted for maintenance and refilling. All of our mirror combination units are bespoke so you can find the perfect-sized mirror for your washroom facilities.

When choosing the right washroom mirrors for your bathroom, consider the features of the product. For example, you may be short on space and a mirror combination unit could be the solution for adding extra storage. Alternatively, your main concern could be safety, therefore, you’ll want to consider safer designs and anti-vandal features.Not sure which of our products are the best fit for your needs? Contact the Commercial Washrooms team for more information on our selection of commercial bathroom mirrors - we’ll be happy to help.

Washroom Mirrors FAQs

How to stop a bathroom mirror from steaming up

Commercial bathroom mirrors can fog when steam (caused by the running of hot water) condenses on the mirror. Whether hot water from taps or showers are causing your washroom mirrors to steam up, you can prevent this by ensuring your facilities have adequate ventilation and extractor fans.

How to stop a bathroom mirror from rusting

Washroom mirrors can rust over time due to excess moisture and dampness in the air - especially the mirror’s frame. It’s the silver nitrate around a mirror’s frame which is prone to rusting. You can stop your commercial bathroom mirrors from rusting by avoiding using ammonia-free cleaning products, keeping mirrors dry and managing the humidity levels in your washroom and installing an extractor fan.

If you find it difficult to remove the rusting on your mirrors, it could be worth replacing them to ensure your washroom looks attractive and professional. 

Are bathroom mirrors different to normal mirrors?

Yes, commercial bathroom mirrors are different to normal mirrors in a number of ways, including:

  • They’re typically made from materials that are more likely to resist rust. The frame material of standard frames can rust over time due to moisture in the air. For example, silver nitrate is a material that can deteriorate.

  • Bathroom fittings and furnishings must meet safety standards.

  • Many commercial washroom mirrors are made from tempered glass as it is considered to be a safer option. This is because when it’s broken, it will break into rounded shards (opposed to sharp, pointy ones).

How to remove stains from a bathroom mirror

Calcium deposits and limescale are the most common types of stains you can expect to find on your commercial bathroom mirror. You can find cleaning solutions which are designed specifically for use on mirrors (and don’t contain ammonia which can damage its surface). Alternatively, vinegar can be effective in removing stains. Whichever solution you opt for, you should use a soft cloth to wipe the mirror (this will help to prevent scratches). 

What height should a bathroom mirror be?

Ideally, a commercial bathroom mirror should be eye-level for most users, which is approximately between 5 and 10 inches above the washroom sink.

Where to place a mirror in a bathroom

Commercial washroom mirrors are typically fixed to the wall above vanity units. You should ensure that the mirror is not placed directly in front of pipes or wiring. If you need to install a mirror that requires plugging into the mains supply, it’s best to hire a professional to fit this in for you. 

Refurbishing your washroom? We offer a full supply and fit service to bring your project to life. 

Should mirrors be centred over bathroom sinks?

Typically, mirrors are centred over bathroom sinks and measure several inches less than your vanity area. This is considered to be the ideal location for washroom mirrors as it’s a practical position for users to look at their reflection. 

In some cases, this placement may not be possible (i.e. if you have a window directly behind your basins). In this case, you could consider fixing the mirror beside the basin in a corner that is accessible to washroom users.

What size should a bathroom mirror be?

Your commercial washroom mirror shouldn’t be wider than your vanity unit and will ideally measure several inches less. If you’re looking for a new bathroom mirror, you should firstly measure your vanity unit to determine which size mirror is best for your needs. If you need any advice on which washroom mirrors are right for your needs, you can contact our friendly sales team.