Direct Feed Urinals

Direct flush urinals (also known as mains water flushing urinals and direct feed urinals) require no urinal cistern as they are plumbed directly into a water feed supply. This has many benefits such as improved flushing rates and easier maintenance because of fewer moving parts.


Adoption rates of Direct flush urinals are increasing, and given that these ensure there is no need for a cistern kit, it is easy to see why. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we are pleased to offer our own range of direct flush  urinals as well as those from leading UK sanitary ware manufacturers such as Armitage Shanks and Ideal Standard.

You can also find a wide range of urinal accessories such as cleaning fluids and other washroom consumables.

Our range of urinals is one of the most competitive in the UK. They can be purchased individually, or as convenient packs that include all the relevant urinal parts needed, including flush pipes, spreaders, and wastes. All suitable for use in commercial washrooms, including public toilets, schools, office environments, and many more.

Many common questions and general advice on urinals can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Commercial Urinals information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our urinals have been included.

Our specialist team is able to offer independent advice to you regarding your washroom project, from choosing the correct type of exposed or concealed trap for a particular urinal bowl to mounting and hanging advice for duct set and partitioning, we are confident that we can supply you with exactly the right products. If you have a washroom project in mind, we offer supply and fit services for bathrooms in a range of sectors. You can order online, or for more detailed advice along with your order, contact us or call our team today on 01202 650900.

Not the type of urinal for your washroom’s needs? Why not take a look out our other sanitaryware options including:

Direct Feed Urinals FAQs


Do urinals need a cistern?


No, not all urinals will need a cistern as they may be flushed from a supply pipe. Direct flush urinals (mains water flushing urinals) do not require concealed or exposed urinal cisterns. Instead, the mains flush will usually be operated by a sensor or button.


What is a direct flush valve?


A direct flush valve is an infrared sensor-controlled urinal valve designed for mains flushing. It will automatically flush a urinal after use, keeping the sanitaryware fresh and hygienic. Why not take a look at this discreet direct flush valve from Cistermiser which is suitable for mains-fed urinal flushing systems?


How does a direct flush urinal work?


Direct flush urinals don’t feature cisterns, instead, they are connected directly to a mains water feed and will flush after use. The range of mains supply urinals we stock here at Commercial Washrooms flush via a rim on the urinal or feature a sensor operating system.


They will usually be mounted to a wall or IPS panel, with the water inlet and waste trap being concealed. 


How much is a direct flush urinal?


How much a direct flush urinal costs will vary depending on a number of factors such as the model of the appliance and what features it has. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we currently stock cisternless urinals from just £420.00 including VAT.


What are the benefits of direct flush urinals?


There are a number of reasons why you may consider installing direct flush urinals into your washroom, including: 


  • They’re space-efficient as they don't require a cistern.

  • They’re less likely to be vandalised as they conceal the water inlet pipe and waste trap.

  • Many traditional urinals will flush at once after water levels have been reached but individually controlled urinal control systems help to save water. This Sphero Maxi direct flush urinal by Armitage Shanks uses smart sensor technology, making it a great water-saving option.

  • They’re more modern and aesthetic as there isn’t a cistern in sight.

  • Without the need of a cistern and with their simple design, they’re easy to clean and maintain.