Ambulant Toilet Packs

One in four in any same-sex washroom requires the installation of an ambulant cubicle so that washrooms are accessible to all. Requirements include the provision of a raised-height toilet pan and colour-contrasting grab rails for support. Improve accessibility to your washroom facilities with our high-quality ambulant toilet packs.
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Ambulant Toilet Packs for Commercial Washroom Settings

Ambulant-disabled toilet packs are sold online with fast UK delivery. Ideal for installation in any commercial washroom setting, including offices, schools, hospitals, leisure centres and many more.

Our range of ambulant-disabled toilet products complies with the building regulations for Doc M for ambulant-disabled toilets. They are suitable for use by those who are not wheelchair-bound. They are also commonly used by the elderly, those recovering from injuries, pregnant women, people with mobility issues or other ambulant disabilities. Whether you’re looking for a close-coupled or back-to-wall ambulant toilet cubicle, we can help.

You can order ambulant toilet packs online, send us an email if you have any further questions or call our helpful sales team to place an order over the phone – 01202 650900. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for or you’re not sure which ambulant toilet pack is right for your commercial washroom, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily assist you. 

Ambulant Toilet FAQs

What does ambulant toilet mean?

An ambulant toilet is designed for people with ambulant disabilities which do not confine them to a wheelchair or bed (such as those suffering from arthritis or in need of a walking frame). Essentially, an ambulant toilet is more accessible than a regular toilet as it has certain supports in place such as grab rails to support the user. 

What’s the difference between an ambulant toilet and a disabled toilet? 

Ambulant toilet cubicles are specifically designed for those with ambulant disabilities (such as mobility issues and sensory loss) who do not require the use of a wheelchair or are confined to a bed. Whilst an ambulant toilet does also have grab rails and extra space to accommodate users, it is still smaller in size when compared to a disabled toilet which has other different requirements including:

  • Lower washbasins and mirrors

  • Certain door latch requirements 

  • Lower toilet pans

  • Can facilitate colostomy bag users 

  • Certain fixture and fitting requirements 

  • Larger minimum door clearances 

Ambulant disabled toilet requirements

Ambulant toilet cubicles are a requirement for part M of the Building Regulations and there needs to be at least one ambulant toilet cubicle per washroom. In terms of size, an ambulant toilet needs to have a minimum of 800mm between the cubicle walls and each side of the toilet, an out swinging door of at least 650mm and a length of 850mm to adequately accommodate those with ambulant disabilities. At least three grab rails are needed for supporting the user and other factors addressed by Doc M and BS8300 (which includes the use of thermostatic mixing valves) also apply. 

You can find out more about ambulant toilet requirements in our blog ‘What size is an ambulant toilet?

Benefits of an ambulant toilet

Having an ambulant disabled toilet is a requirement for buildings so that washrooms are accessible to all. The benefits of an ambulant toilet include:

  • They improve accessibility in toilet cubicles so users with ambulant disabilities can use them comfortably.

  • They help to give those with ambulant disabilities more confidence and independence to use washroom facilities without the help of carers or staff. This is because they are fitted with equipment such as grab rails and necessary adjustments which include a raised toilet pan. 

  • They reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring as users are better able to support themselves with the extra safety measures in place. 

  • Here at Commercial Washrooms, we offer a choice in colour of grab rails which allows you to create an ambulant toilet that fits in with your business, school, leisure centre or other commercial building’s theme.