Commercial Toilet Seats

A variety of different toilet seats are available including round toilet seats, square toilet seats, soft close toilet seats, seat rings for children, steel or plastic hinges, and a mixture of both plastic and ceramic materials. Our range of toilet seat products and toilet seat covers  have been designed to complement the toilet pans on sale through the Commercial Washrooms website; you can shop for our Toilet Pans and other toilet products and accessories here online today.

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A wide range of the best Toilet Seats for any setting

If you require a new or replacement toilet seat we provide a variety of options from leading suppliers including the brands Armitage Shanks and Twyford. When you order a toilet seat product from us, we quickly deliver the item directly to you, including round toilet seats, square toilet seats, soft close toilet seats and more.

When searching for a replacement toilet seat it is always recommended to try to find out the brand and model of your existing toilet pans as not all toilet seats are compatible with all pans. If you’d like to discuss any of our washroom products including our range of toilet cisterns, toilet cubicles and more, or if you’re searching for a particular toilet seat, our friendly sales team will be happy to help. Below, you can see some different examples of our most popular toilet seat products to shop for: 

Round Toilet Seats

If your commercial washroom or bathroom has toilets with a more rounded shape, then our range of round toilet seats will contain the right toilet seat for you. Coming in a huge array of different sizes, designs, colours and materials, from the classic white porcelain designs, to blacks, blues and more. With a variety of trusted industry brands like Armitage Shanks and Ideal Standard, you needn’t look further for a high-quality, round toilet seat for your washrooms. 

Square Toilet Seats

Square toilet seats are a slightly more modern design of seat, when compared to the standard round toilet seats commonly seen in most washrooms. Manufactured from materials like thermoset plastics and robust ceramics, our square toilet seat products  are a strong, durable option suitable for use in all commercial washroom environments.

Soft Close Toilet Seats

Soft Close Toilet Seats are an excellent product choice for washroom enclosures, in that they close in a slow, controlled and quiet manner. This reduces noise pollution in washrooms and bathrooms, whilst also preventing the risk of finger trap injuries that can occur when closing the toilet seat or cover, making them perfect for washrooms used by young children, who may accidentally hurt themselves with the way standard toilet seats close. Our soft close toilet seats come in a variety of sizes and shapes; such as square toilet seats and round toilet seats, and you can easily match them to the design of your washroom. 

Toilet Seat FAQs

How to Change a Toilet Seat

Most toilet seats are attached to the toilet with toilet fittings; these fittings are usually held together by two bolts at the back of the seat that will need to be removed with a screwdriver. Once you’ve removed the caps, you’ll see the wingnuts holding your toilet seat in place. Use pliers to loosen these nuts, and then it’s a simple matter of removing them by hand. 

Some toilet seats vary in how they are held in place, but most will work in a way similar to this. If your seat is different, take a look at the fittings and you should be able to work out how to remove it. If you’re changing a square toilet seat, you can read our full blog on how to fit a square toilet seat here.

Are all Toilet Seats the same size?

No, there is no set standard size for toilet seats. Since sizes will vary across toilet seats, especially when you consider different shapes of seats such as round toilet seats and square toilet seats, you will need to measure out your toilet seat if you need to do any work on it.

How to measure a toilet seat

Need to replace your current toilet seat but want to make sure you purchase a new one that fits? Here’s how to measure a toilet seat in a few quick steps (you will need a measuring tape):

  1. To measure the length of the toilet seat, place your tape measure between the toilet’s fixing holes and the front of the toilet (please note that the distance between fixing holes can slightly vary so it’s worth measuring the distance between these also). 

  2. To measure the width of your toilet seat, place your tape across the pan at its widest point.

  3. To measure the height of your toilet seat, place your measuring tape between the fixing holes and the wall or cistern. 

How to fit a toilet seat

When it comes to replacing a toilet seat, you may be wondering how to remove a toilet seat and fit a new one yourself, here’s what you need to do in a few easy steps:

  1. Make sure your new toilet seat is the correct size - you can follow the instructions above on how to measure a toilet seat. 

  2. Remove the old toilet seat - toilet seats are usually secured with fittings held by two bolts which are typically covered by plastic caps at the back of the toilet; you can remove these caps with a flat head screwdriver. When these are off, you can use pliers to remove the wingnuts which are attached to the toilet seat.

  3. When you buy a new toilet seat, you should be given new fittings. It’s likely that these will work in the same way as your old fittings but make sure you take care to read the instructions to ensure they’re assembled properly. 

How to stop toilet seat moving

Over time you may notice your toilet seat moving and this can be very frustrating. If you’ve got a wobbly toilet seat, you can usually fix this by removing the toilet seat (please see above instructions) and  tightening the two bolts which can be found at the back of the toilet under plastic caps using a screwdriver (you should avoid using a power screwdriver to do this as they can cause damage to the toilet seat). 

How to clean a toilet seat

You can clean a toilet seat using a soft cloth or paper towel which has been soaked in vinegar. Simply rub the surface of the toilet seat and leave it to sit for an hour or two and then remove it. You can repeat this process until all stains are removed and apply disinfectant for extra cleanliness.