Lever Taps

A leading range of lever taps suitable for the Commercial Washroom market. Our Taps products can be purchased easily and quickly online or by talking to our experienced sales team.

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Lever Taps for Commercial Washrooms

Our range of lever taps will suit any type of commercial washroom and has been collated with quality and reliability in mind. We work closely with leading commercial tap manufacturers such as Franke, Armitage Shanks, Bristan and Inta to ensure that our range is the most suitable available at the cheapest price.

HTM64 compliant lever taps are ideal for stringent medical and hospital requirements, while one of our contemporary swan neck designs are great for creating a sophisticated feel to your office washroom.

View our colourful children’s lever basin taps, ideal in schools and nursery settings, and you can also view some of the other taps in our range, including Sensor Taps, Thermostatic Mixing Valves and more.

If you are looking for a specific lever tap design be sure to contact the Commercial Washrooms team who will be happy to help with any questions you have.

Lever Taps FAQ

What are lever taps?

Lever taps are taps which feature a lever that users must move in order to operate the flow of water and reach either hot or cold temperatures.

What are the benefits of lever taps?

They are easy to use - lever taps are simple and comfortable for users to operate.

They are available in a range of styles - no matter the style of commercial washroom, lever taps come in a variety of designs to suit your needs. 

They are ideal for use in disabled washrooms - as single lever basin taps are easier to use than non-concussive taps and twist-top designs, they are a great option for all types of washrooms. 

How do lever taps work?

For single lever taps, the temperature and flow of water is operated by a single lever. In most cases, lever taps will either need to be pushed up or down to turn on/stop the water flow and moved side to side to find the right temperature for the user. 

How to fix a dripping lever tap

If you find that your lever tap is leaking water, you may need to replace some parts. How you fix a dripping lever tap will depend on what the issue is and you may require help from a professional to carry out the task. If you have a leaky spout, it is likely that there are damaged parts on the inside of the lever basin tap and if you see that your lever tap is dripping from the base, you probably have damaged seals. Here is a rough guide to fixing  dripping lever basin taps:

Firstly, you will need to take apart your lever tap to examine any damage:

  1. Turn off the water supply

  2. Turn the lever tap on to drain any remaining water from the system

  3. Remove the lever tap’s aerator (you should be able to twist this off by hand but you can use pliers if it feels stuck/tight).

  4. Keep the parts together so that you can make note of the replacements you need (or take them with you when shopping for new parts).

Fixing ball valve lever taps

  1. Loosen the lever tap’s set screw and remove the handle

  2. Remove its cap

  3. If you need to fix a dripping spout, simply remove the cam, washer and ball. You will then need to remove the seats and springs with a screwdriver.

  4. If you need to fix any leaks at the base of your lever taps, remove the spout and replace the O-rings. Once you have done this, you will need to reassemble the tap,  Putting the spout, seats (on their springs), ball (ensuring that its holes line up correctly), washer and cam along with the rest of the tap back in place. 

Fixing ceramic disc lever taps

  1. Remove the lever handle and trim ring

  2. Remove the retainer nut and cylinder

  3. Install new cylinder

  4. Put the lever tap back together