Commercial Shower Enclosures

Looking for the best shower base and screen for your washroom? We supply great value shower enclosures, commercial shower screens and commercial shower trays, ordered online and delivered to your door. Commercial Washrooms is a specialist supplier of shower base and screen products suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, and leisure centres.

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Commercial shower tray and screen products for washrooms and more


We are pleased to supply a selection of shower tray and screen products with varying sizes and finishes available.


Choose from classic square commercial shower trays or rectangular and quadrant shaped in a variety of standard size options. If you need commercial shower screens, we stock bi-fold glass shower screen doors, pivot glass and glass side panels that add style to your shower and prevent water from reaching surrounding areas to ensure users are safe. 


Our shower tray and screen products are of high quality and easy to install, making them the perfect addition to your washroom facilities. If you are unsure which shower base and screen product will be best suited to your business’s needs or have any questions about our other products, please contact the Commercial Washrooms team who will be happy to help with your shower enclosure specification and order.


Shower tray and screen FAQs


What is a shower screen?


A shower screen is a panel (typically glass) which creates a barrier between the shower and the rest of the washroom, helping to prevent water from spilling out onto the floor which could cause slips and accidents.


How to fit a shower tray


  1. Firstly, mark out the position of the commercial shower tray to help with placement and fit the shower tray’s legs - you can also use a spirit level to ensure that the base is flat. 

  2. Determine the best waste position.

  3. Line up your shower tray panels - these may need to be trimmed.

  4. Ensure that the shower tray is level and tighten the legs and seals.

  5. Attach the shower tray waste trap to the water waste.

  6. Add sealant to the edges of the shower tray.

  7. Tile or apply wall panels (if necessary).

  8. Install the side panels using the clips you are supplied with.

We recommend hiring a professional to fit your commercial shower trays. Find out about our washroom refurbishment services.


How to seal a shower tray


You’ll need to use a silicone sealant to seal the edges of your shower tray, starting around the edges of the tray that touches the washroom’s walls. Sealant should be applied evenly and left to set for the period of time advised. 


How to clean a shower screen


Cleaning your commercial shower screens is imperative to keeping your washrooms welcoming and hygienic. In order to clean a shower screen, you should firstly clear out anything which isn't fixed to the shower enclosure (such as toiletries).You can then use a standard cleaning product and a sponge to wipe away any built up grime and rinse it thoroughly with water. 


What is a shower tray made of?


Commercial shower trays can be found in a range of materials including stone resin and acrylic. 


How big is a standard shower tray?


The average width of a standard shower tray is between 700mm and 1700mm but you should always take measurements of the area you wish to install your commercial shower trays before purchasing your trays to ensure it will fit perfectly.


What size shower screen do I need?


To decide which size of commercial shower screens will be best for your needs, you should take measurements of the dimensions of your washroom. The space needed for your shower screen will usually be in line with the size of your shower tray so you should measure along each of its sides and from the top of the enclosure space to the bottom. 




How high should a shower screen be?


The standard height of a shower enclosure is around 1700mm-2000mm but how tall your ceiling is may impact the height of your commercial shower screens.