Water Heaters

Compact and self-contained water heaters are ideal for the supply of localised hot water. Used where hot water is required but where it is not convenient to enlarge the existing hot water system or where there is no existing hot water system at all, a hot water heater of sufficient volume and power will supply multiple outlets and even showers.

Hot Water Heaters: Compact and Self-Contained

Hot water heaters are incredibly efficient to have in a variety of settings and environments and under sink water heaters can fit in most vanity units as they are incredibly compact. Some examples of where hot water heaters would be beneficial include small industrial units with single washrooms or loft conversions and outbuildings.

Our Ariston water heaters are also great energy-saving options with eco-friendly benefits as they supply you with hot water instantly, meaning you don’t need to keep the water running to find the temperature you need. Commercial Washrooms also sell a range of the Ariston accessories that are required for installation of the Europrisma under sink water heaters.

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Water heater FAQ

What is a water heater?

A hot water heater is an appliance which can be used in both domestic and commercial settings using gas or electric energy to heat and store water. They are used to supply users with hot water instantly.

What are the benefits of a water heater?

  • Instant hot water - as they can store boiling water, you don’t have to worry about waiting around for your hot water supply and you can get what you need in seconds. 

  • They’re more eco- friendly - as you’re getting hot water faster, you can cut down on your water usage.

  • They can be compact which allows them to fit snugly in a vanity unit under a sink.

  • They're energy efficient as they can convert all of the energy they intake into heat.

  • You can save on installation costs - as under sink water heaters can be inserted inside vanity units, you save money on complicated installation costs.

Do you need a boiler and hot water heater?

Boilers and water heaters serve different purposes. The difference between a boiler and hot water heater is that boilers are designed to heat large amounts of water for heating the whole building, whereas hot water heaters are used to supply appliances such as taps and showers with hot water. Hot water heaters can supply this hot water instantly as they store boiling water from the water supply. 

How does the hot water heater work?

Hot water heaters give you a constant supply of hot water. Under sink water heaters can be inserted into a vanity unit or under a counter below your sink and simply connects to your cold tap. Typically, there are three parts of the water heater system, including: a heating and holding tank, inline filter and faucet. Once you turn on your tap, hot water will immediately be available and run out. As hot water exits the heating tank, more filtered cold water goes into the holding tank where it will be heated. 

Please bear in mind that you may also need to acquire the following accessories:

  • An expansion vessel - this is used to support expanding and contracting water in your water heater.

  • Pressure reducing valve 

  • A tundish - this ensures that the pressure inside of the water heater doesn’t rise too high as the water enters. 

If you’re unsure as to whether you will need these items, speak to a plumber who will take a look and advise you.

Can a hot water heater leak?

Yes a hot water heater can potentially leak which is why it’s a good idea to check and service your water heater regularly. If you notice that your water heater is leaking, you should turn off the water supply right away and may need to call in a plumber to fix or replace it. 

How do I know the water heater is full?

When your water heater is full, you will be able to run your hot water tap normally (i.e no remaining air seeps out). 

How to service a water heater

Water heaters can last many years without servicing, however, you can decrease the risk of damage to your water heater’s tank and improve its effectiveness by regularly servicing it. If you need to service your water heater, hire a professional plumber to carry out the work for you who will be able to check if your water heater is working properly.