Toilet Cubicles and Toilet Cubicle Packs

Toilet Cubicles are supplied as boxed cubicle packs from stock or manufactured in bespoke sizes and colours. Choose from full-height Washroom Cubicles, robust vandal-resistant Toilet Cubicles or School Toilet Cubicles. Prices are displayed online, and project quotes are available from our experienced sales team.

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A Wide Range of Quality Commercial Toilet Cubicles for Sale

At Commercial Washrooms, we have a wide range of modern toilet cubicles for sale that suit every budget and commercial environment, including children's toilet cubicles for school toilets, office toilet cubicles for executive washrooms, and solid-grade laminate (SGL) cubicles for wet areas and anti-vandal environments. No matter what your business’s needs are, we have toilet cubicles available to complement your washroom. 

Our toilet cubicles are delivered complete with all the cubicle hardware, accessories and fittings needed and include full installation instructions for easy assembly. You can either choose from our range of fast delivery, off-the-shelf toilet cubicles that come complete with all the toilet cubicle fixtures and fittings needed, or call our sales team and request a quote for bespoke design toilet cubicle systems today. Various solid-grade laminate (SGL) and high-pressure laminate (HPL) colours are available from the Polyrey washroom laminate collection.

All toilet cubicle prices are displayed online. Send through a site sketch detailing the dimensions of your washroom, and our sales team will be happy to respond with a quote showing our suggested specifications and trade prices.

Many common questions and general advice regarding toilet cubicles can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance are the Toilet Cubicles' information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies, where many of our cubicle ranges have been included.

Looking to replace your current toilet cubicles or have a washroom refurbishment project you’d like to discuss? We have a highly experienced, fully trained installation team and offer a complete toilet cubicle installation service, delivering you the perfect finish and fit every time. If you have any queries, then contact us here or call us on 01202 650900.

Toilet Cubicles FAQ

How wide is a toilet cubicle?

Standard cubicles must have a minimum diameter of 450mm. It is recommended that the internal width of toilet cubicles be 800mm wide to give users enough space.

What are toilet cubicles made of?

Here at Commercial Washrooms, we have three different materials to choose from, these include:

Melamine-faced chipboard (MFC)

This material is only suitable for dry environments but is a great option for those on a smaller budget!

High-pressure laminate (HPL) 

HPL is a more expensive material, but it is incredibly durable. You can also create rounded edges with this material, adding a more modern and contemporary look to your washroom. The HPL material is a great choice for modern offices and businesses - why not take a look at our Colossal HPL toilet cubicle?

Solid-grade laminate (SGL)

SGL is the best material for wet environments such as leisure centres as it’s water resistant. 

Not sure which material is best for your toilet cubicles? Contact us today to speak to a member of our friendly sales team who will be happy to assist you!

Why do toilet cubicles have gaps?

Toilet cubicles have gaps to allow air circulation, and it also makes cleaning an easier task. If you’re looking for products which offer more privacy in your washroom, you can find full-height toilet cubicles, such as our Stature SGL and Colossal HPL range which feature much smaller gaps (approximately 20mm gaps at the top and bottom).

How to fit toilet cubicles

Toilet cubicles will usually arrive in a flat-pack form, and we advise that a person with experience assembling washroom cubicles performs the fitting to ensure that they are installed correctly and to avoid any accidental damage. Read our blog to find out how to fit toilet cubicles or get in touch with us if you have any questions about the fitting process or our washroom installation services.