School Toilets

School toilets are available at a lower height compared to a conventional toilet making it easier for young children to use. The typical toilet rim heights are either 305mm or 355mm high. Our selection of children's toilets is available with a choice of toilet seat colours. They are available to purchase as a complete toilet pack or as individual items, including toilet pan, cistern and toilet seat. Purchase online or get in touch for a quote.

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School toilets for young children

Whether you’re looking to refurbish school toilets in a primary school, secondary school, nursery or college, we’re here to supply and fit the products you need. Alongside our wide range of toilets, we can also provide urinals, drinking fountains, wash troughs, soap dispensers and more, so your facilities have everything required to keep a washroom safe and hygienic. 

We offer durable school toilets from leading brands such as Armitage Shanks, Twyford and RAK Ceramics. Our toilets can be purchased as single items or as a pack to include the matching toilet cistern and toilet seat. Toilet seats are often available in a variety of colour choices including white, red, blue, black and grey.

We recommend the use of a dedicated school toilet for children up to the age of 6. These toilets help to promote a child's independence and help keep toilet rooms clean as children find it easier to reach and sit on the lower-height pans.

Our school toilets are available in either back-to-wall or close-coupled varieties. Back-to-wall children's toilets include a plastic concealed cistern that connects to the toilet pan via a flush pipe and should be used in conjunction with IPS panels or where a service void exists. Close-coupled children's toilets include a ceramic cistern that sits on top of the back of the toilet pan and should be used when no IPS panels or service void exists.

School toilet refurbishment and design

At Commercial Washrooms we offer a full school washroom design and installation service. All toilet prices are displayed online, however, if you send through a site sketch detailing the layout of your school washroom our sales team will be happy to respond with a quote showing our suggested specifications and trade prices.

Our school toilets are designed to complement many of the other products sold within the Commercial Washrooms website, including our children’s toilet cubicles  and vanity units.

Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our toilets have been included.

Many schools require a full school toilet refurbishment and installation service. Our project team is on hand to offer a full no-obligation quote.

If you have any questions about any of our products or our washroom refurbishment services, please do get in touch.

Regulations for school toilets in the UK

The Department for Education guidelines for school toilets highlight that school toilet facilities should have:

  • Separate toilet facilities for staff and students (aside from disabled toilets which may be used by students, staff and visitors)

  • Hand washing facilities located close to the toilets to encourage good hygiene

  • Easily accessible toilets for all students

  • Seperate boys and girls toilets for students over the age of eight (except toilet cubicles designed for one user at a time)

  • Adequate privacy which also enables staff to monitor the toilet block

  • Good ventilation and be well lit

  • Temperature-regulating devices fitted which will prevent scalding (such as a TM3 mixer valve)

  • Locking systems which are easy to operate


How many toilets should a school have?

When pupils are under 5 years old there should be 1 toilet and washbasin for every 10 pupils. For pupils aged between 5 and 11, there should be 1 toilet for every 20 pupils. For pupils over the age of 11, there should be 1 toilet for every 20 pupils.

Student age

Number of toilets required

Number of washbasins required

Under age 5

1 for every 10 pupils

1 per toilet


1 for every 20 pupils

1 per toilet

Over age 11

1 for every 20 pupils

1 per toilet - if toilets are shared, less basins may be required


Toilet heights for schools

School toilets are available at a reduced height compared to standard toilet pans. Most adult toilets are manufactured with a rim height of 400mm which is too high for young children between the ages of 1 and 6 to use independently. 305mm and 355mm are the typical heights for children's toilets. The 305mm height is often used in Nurseries and the 355mm option in primary school toilets.

Are unisex toilets legal in schools?

Yes, unisex toilets are legal in schools, however, schools are required to provide separate toilets and washing facilities for pupils over the age of 8. There are a number of benefits to having unisex toilet facilities in schools, including:

  • They are more inclusive 

  • They are more open spaces which can help to prevent bullying and vandalism

  • They can be monitored more easily

How to clean school toilets 

Here at Commercial Washrooms, our school toilets are typically made from high-quality vitreous china which is very easy to clean. You can clean school toilets with a sponge and toilet cleaning solution. You should also clean other surfaces such as wash basins and taps using disinfectant to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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