Commercial Hair Dryers

Our selection of commercial hair dryers is ideal for use in shower rooms and changing areas in a range of commercial environments such as leisure centres, healthcare settings and gyms. Our commercial hair dryers can be easily ordered through our website for quick and easy delivery direct to you.

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Commercial hair dryers for gyms, hotels and more

Our commercial wall mounted hair dryers are perfect for a wide range of settings including hotels, leisure centres, gym Changing rooms, hospitals, and offices.

Having hair dryers available in your washroom facilities, showers, or rooms can be really beneficial for your business. Not only will users have the option of drying their hair when wet (which can be uncomfortable), it can also be safer for them in colder months where having wet hair outside could lead them to catching a cold.

Our commercial hair dryers are safe, stylish and affordable. If you aren’t sure which hair dryer is best for you, or if you have any questions about our products, please contact the team for further information

Designed to look great, our range of commercial hair dryers and hand dryers also boasts energy saving benefits and durable features, such as with our blade hand dryers, and also come in a range of different finishes, as seen in our blow down hand dryers.

Commercial hair dryer FAQs

How does a hair dryer work?

Commercial wall mounted hair dryers feature a motor-driven fan and a heating element to create the hot air that exits through the hair dryer’s nozzle. When a user turns the hair dryer on, a current flows through the hair dryer and causes an electric motor to spin, turning on the fan. The fan then generates an airflow which goes through the heating elements and creates the hot air which dries the user’s hair. 

How hot does a hair dryer get?

The maximum temperature of a commercial hair dryer is usually between 80-140°C. If a hair dryer gets too hot, it presents a health and safety risk.  

Why do hair dryers have a cool button?

The cool button on a commercial hair dryer is a setting that the user can use to help with the styling of their hair and to prevent frizz. 

How much are hair dryers?

The price of a commercial hair dryer will depend on the features it has (such as high speed drying). Here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell commercial wall mounted hair dryers at competitive prices from as low as £22.00, so, you can find a hair dryer to suit your budget. 

How to choose a hair dryer

Choosing the right commercial hair dryer for your business can be tricky. Here are some considerations to help you decide what the best option for you is:

  • Where are you placing your hair dryers? If you’re looking for hair dryers to suit a wet area, a plastic model would be better than steel as that could potentially rust over time. 

  • What is your budget? How much you are able to spend on updating your washroom facilities will likely play a part in the commercial hair dryer you choose. Here at Commercial Washrooms, you can find hair dryers at various prices to suit a range of budgets. 

  • What features does it have? If you’re looking to give your clients, customers or visitors a great experience, you could also look into any extra features the commercial hair dryer has such as fast drying. Having high quality washroom accessories can really make a good impression on your business and help to keep people coming back to your facilities. 

What are hair dryers made of?

You can buy commercial hair dryers in ABS plastic or stainless steel finish. Our commercial wall mounted hair dryers have a durable ABS plastic finish to make them suitable for wet areas which is often where hair dryers are installed. In terms of materials used inside of the hair dryer, they usually have coiled nichrome wires (from nickel and chromium alloy), a fan, electrical motor and a heat shield made of mica.