Toilet Cubicle Hinges

From rise and fall, gravity and nylon hinges, to specialised hinges for glass partitions or children’s toilet cubicles, we stock them all. Our range of washroom and toilet cubicle hinges is extensive enough to fit within any commercial washroom setting.
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Toilet cubicle hinges in a range of designs and sizes

Our toilet cubicle hinges are available in a range of different sizes, materials, and colours to suit your washroom’s needs. There are 3 common partition board thicknesses for you to choose from 12-13mm, 17-19mm and 20-21mm and we advise customers to check their requirements before ordering.

In terms of materials, we supply toilet cubicle door hinges in either satin, stainless steel, aluminium or nylon finishes. We also have cubicle hinges in different colours, allowing you to find a toilet cubicle-fitting solution that suits your washroom’s style.

Other variants include wc cubicle hinges for outward and inward-opening cubicle doors. You can find our full range of toilet cubicle fittings here, including products such as metal coat hooks for cubicle doors, toilet cubicle locks, toilet cubicle hardware packs and many more.

Our toilet cubicle hinges come in pairs, however, should you need an odd number for your cubicles then please get in touch with the team.

Toilet cubicle hinges FAQs

What types of hinges do you sell?

Here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell a wide range of toilet cubicle door hinges including:

- Rise and fall hinges

What is a rise and fall hinge?

A rise-and-fall hinge allows toilet doors to fall fully open, fully closed or in between.

- Gravity hinges

What is a gravity hinge?

Gravity hinges are also known as self-closing or self-function hinges, this is because they can open or close doors under the force of the door’s weight. 

- Nylon hinges

What is a nylon hinge?

Nylon hinges are plastic door hinges and their material makes them the ideal hinges for children’s toilet cubicles

- Hinges for glass partitions

What is a glass door hinge?

These types of hinges are designed to be fixed to glass washroom panels and partitions.

- Anti-vandal toilet door hinges

These types of hinges are ideal for washrooms which are subject to abuse, such as in prisons, schools or public bathrooms. They provide extra security and are designed to resist impact and are usually fitted with concealed screws which prevent doors from being removed.

Not sure which wc cubicle hinges are right for you? Please feel free to contact our team who will be happy to help you find the best product for your needs. 

How to fit hinges on a toilet cubicle door

You can fit toilet cubicle hinges by following the steps below.

1. Separate the hinge parts

2. Attach the bottom part of the hinge plate via the pre-drilled holes on your cubicle on the outer side of the pilaster

3. Using T nuts, attach the other part of the hinge via the pre-drilled holes

4. At this point, you can hang the toilet cubicle door by slotting the two hinge parts together. You should fit the hinge screw (ensuring it is secure).

We recommend hiring a professional to ensure that your toilet cubicle is assembled correctly and your hinges are securely attached. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we offer a complete washroom supply and fit service.

How to measure door hinges

Whether you need to replace a faulty toilet cubicle door hinge or you’re looking to install a different type of hinge, you should first measure your existing hinges to understand what size you’ll need. Firstly, measure the top and bottom of your existing hinges. Then, measure the hinge from side to side and finally, measure the size and hole pattern of your cubicle door.

What size door hinges do I need?

The size of the door hinge you need will depend on a range of factors, such as the size and weight of your toilet cubicle door. If you’re looking to replace hinges, you can measure your existing ones. It’s recommended that every door should have at least one hinge for every 30 inches in height.