Paper Towel Dispensers

A paper towel dispenser can be used in any commercial washroom to allow staff, customers and visitors to dry their hands quickly and hygienically. We aim to supply a wide range of paper towel dispensers that offer a flexible choice between materials, finish, and style, without compromising on reliability and functionality.

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Find the right Paper Towel Dispenser for your washroom

There is a wide range of hand paper towel dispenser styles available to the market, including touch free, autocut and c-fold. At t Commercial Washrooms, we are confident that we will be able to supply the right dispenser you need for your washroom!

Choose from our range of attractive and robust stainless steel dispensers from leading manufacturers, such as Franke, or opt for our value range of plastic paper towel dispensers. We also have a range of other washroom dispensers available , such as our toilet roll dispensers.

Please call us today on 01202 650900 to order or simply purchase online.

Paper Towel Dispenser FAQ

How does a paper towel dispenser work?

A paper towel dispenser is used in commercial washrooms to dispense paper towels to dry hands after washing. Paper towel dispensers work differently depending on the model you have, these are the main types of paper towel dispensers:

Handle operated 

Handle operated towel dispensers require the user to pull a lever to dispense paper towels and they may pull the lever until they have received the amount of paper towels they need. These particular types of dispensers may be best for use in low traffic commercial washrooms.

Automatic/touch free

Users can dispense paper towels without touching the paper towel dispenser as automatic dispensers are built with motion sensors. These are popular as they are more hygienic and dispense a set length of paper towel which helps to reduce waste. 

Center pull

For a center pull towel dispenser, users simply need to pull a paper towel from the center of the unit. They are hygienic as users only touch the paper towel they are going to use.

Paper towel dispenser and waste bin unit

This type of dispenser is great if you’re trying to save space. User’s can take a paper towel and dispose of it in the waste bin unit below. This encourages disposal of used paper towels and is great for commercial washrooms. 

C- Fold

C-Fold hand paper towel dispensers can dispense more than one paper towel at a time. Whilst this may not be ideal for high traffic washrooms (as paper towels may be wasted), they are perfect in healthcare settings where professionals need to quickly take as many paper towels as they need. 


A Z-fold paper towel dispenser only allows for the user to pull one sheet at a time which can help to reduce unnecessary waste. 

Auto cut 

Auto cut paper towels have pre-measured sheets of paper towel ready for the user to tear and take the amount they need. 


A mounted paper towel dispenser can be placed on a washroom wall which can help save space. These are ideal for high traffic washrooms and can be conveniently placed by the sinks.


A countertop paper towel dispenser can be placed by the sinks and users can simply pick up the number of paper towels they need. 

Are paper towels or hand dryers more sanitary?

Paper towels are believed to be more hygienic than standard hand dryers in general, but both are considered hygienic.

Can you flush paper towels?

You should not flush paper towels in toilets as they do not dissolve as well as toilet paper does in the water and can lead to blocked drains. 

What are paper towels made of?

Many paper towels are made from recycled paper pulp and paper towel dispensers are often made of plastic or stainless steel.

How do you open a paper towel dispenser?

A paper towel dispenser may come with a key which is needed for opening it before refilling. Other paper towel dispensers may be opened using a screwdriver