Concealed Cistern Urinals

A concealed cistern urinal has a cistern hidden behind a service wall or an IPS panel system. The urinal bowl and flushing control are the only parts of the urinal installation that are visible to the user. We sell urinals and urinal packs from leading manufacturers such as Armitage Shanks, RAK Ceramics, and Twyford. Concealed urinals can be purchased as individual bowls or supplied in cheaper pack form with a cistern, flush pipes, spreaders, and waste.

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Concealed Urinal Cisterns for Sale

Concealed urinal cisterns are designed so that the cistern is to be fixed hidden from view, perhaps behind IPS duct wall panels or within a wall void in the washroom. This means the pipework (often called sparge pipes or flush pipes), are also to be mounted behind the panelling and hidden from view which can make the washroom look more modern and spacious

Spreaders, which connect to the flush pipes at the urinal end are designed to spread the flushing water in the urinal to both sides of the bowl to ensure a clean flush. Urinal spreaders are included within all the full urinal kits we sell as they are essential for a flushing urinal. In concealed urinal cistern systems or kits, since the pipes are hidden from view, the spreaders typically exit through the wall or panelling and then through a hole in the top of the urinal.

Our range of urinals are available in a variety of materials, including glazed ceramic, stainless steel as well as resin GRP. The choice of materials ensures availability for all commercial washroom environments and you can find the right style for your needs. Available for direct delivery thanks to our well-established network of suppliers, we have a variety of products covering both exposed, wall-mounted cisterns and concealed urinal set-ups.

If you have any questions about our range of concealed urinal cistern kits or you’re looking for a product which you can’t see on our website, please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you find what you need.

Concealed cistern FAQs

How does a concealed cistern work?

Concealed cisterns are cisterns which are hidden from view, but they work the same as other cisterns in terms of releasing stored water once the urinal is flushed. For instance, this concealed urinal cistern can be installed behind a wall, IPS duct panels or wall cladding so that you can’t see it - you can also conceal other pipework from view in this way. The opposite is true for exposed cistern urinal systems which are designed to be externally mounted and on view in the washroom. 

How do you access a concealed cistern?

A concealed cistern can be accessed by removing the cover plate on which the urinal cistern’s push button sits. You can then remove any air hoses if they are attached and flushing rods at the centre of the concealed cistern frame. From there, you can unfasten any plastic bolts to release the frame and remove any debris plates. Turn the isolation valve to stop the water flow and remove any water left in the tank. You can then take the water hose from the float valve, push the level on the back of it to release it and press the lever on the back of the siphon unit. At this stage, you’ll have access to your urinal tank and can perform any required maintenance before reassembling the unit.

What are the benefits of having a concealed cistern?

There are many benefits to having a concealed urinal cistern system in your commercial washroom, including:

  • They’re more stylish so are ideal for more modern washrooms.

  • They hide the cistern (and can also cover unsightly pipework) which can help to make the washroom look more attractive.

  • They are more space efficient, so they’re a great option for smaller bathrooms. 

  • They’re more hygienic and it’s easier to clean around the urinals as there isn’t a cistern in view which is collecting dust and bacteria.