Locker Benches and Stands

A selection of Locker Benches and Locker Stands and locks suitable for wet and dry changing room environments. For use with our selection of metal lockers or laminate door lockers or as replacements to existing changing room furniture. Locker Benches and Stands are manufactured from steel (dry areas) or aluminium (wet areas). A complete range of changing room benches is also available.

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Locker Benches and Stands are designed to raise a bank of lockers away from the changing room floor by approximately 150mm. This helps with cleaning and ensuring that the base of the Lockers are not subject to rust. The extra height also discourages kicking and vandalism of the locker. Stands also provide easier access to the bottom locker in a nest meaning a better user experience.

Locker Benches and Locker Seat Stands are also available in steel and aluminium. They are suitable for 1, 2 or 3 locker nests and raise the lockers by 450mm from the floor. They provide a convenient Bench making it easier for a user to change clothes directly in front of the Lockers. A minimum ceiling height of 2.3m is required.

Our Locker Bench stands and Locker Stand Seats come with adjustable feet to accommodate uneven changing room floors.