Commercial Washrooms is pleased to be one of the UK’s principal stockists and suppliers of RADAR locks and keys. RADAR keys are part of the National Key Scheme (NKS), which was established by The Disability Rights People in a bid to offer independent access for disabled people to the 9,000 accessible locked toilets around the country. We offer a range of RADAR lock and key products to ensure those with disabilities have independent access to your washroom facilities.

Protect against vandalism with RADAR locks


The National Key Scheme aims to give protection against vandalism or misuse so that a clean functional toilet is available for disabled users. RADAR locks should be installed on disabled toilet doors so as to allow access to disabled or registered blind people holding a RADAR key.


You can purchase these locks individually or a RADAR lockset kit. RADAR keys are also available to purchase through this website separately. Please contact our friendly and experienced sales team for further guidance.


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What is a RADAR lock?


A RADAR lock is a type of locking system used in the UK for disabled cubicles. The locks are usually installed on the exterior of a heavy duty door rather than the cubicle door itself so that only people with a RADAR key can access them. RADAR stands for The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (known as  Disability Rights UK) and this key scheme was designed to ensure disabled toilets were available to those who needed them.

People with disabilities can register for RADAR keys so that they have them on them should they wish to use public bathrooms in the UK. 

If your business has RADAR locks, you will need to have enough RADAR keys for site managers, cleaners and other staff so that they can access the facilities. This is for cleaning purposes and to let any disabled users who don’t have a RADAR key handy inside.

You can find more information about the RADAR lock scheme here.

Why are RADAR keys so big?


RADAR keys are distinguishable by their size and they will often have a big blue fob. They are designed this way so that it’s easier for people with disabilities to find them when needed and use them (as they’ll have a better grip of the key).


Are RADAR keys universal?


RADAR keys are universal for RADAR locking systems in the UK only. Other countries may use different locking systems for disabled toilets - for example, many European countries (such as Germany, Poland and Austria) will use Euro key locks but these will not work in a RADAR locking system (and vice versa).


Can disabled toilets be locked?


Yes, many disabled toilets in the UK are locked so that only those with disabilities who truly need the accessible facilities can access them. A RADAR toilet door lock is a popular choice of locking system thanks to the National Key Scheme which aims to provide disabled users with independent access to washrooms.


Do I need RADAR locks for my disabled cubicles?


Your business isn’t required to install RADAR locks on your disabled toilet doors or changing cubicles, however, they can be very beneficial. If you’re going to lock your accessible facilities, you should consider a RADAR lock and key system as this allows those with disabilities to access your washroom independently, without having to find a member of staff for a card, code or seperate key.

There are some settings where it might be better to leave washrooms open to all, such as in a care home where the majority of people there will need an accessible bathroom.

It’s also worth noting the importance of getting official RADAR keys for your locks, as other disabled toilet keys may not work properly or cause damage to the lock.


What are the benefits of installing RADAR locks for disabled toilets?


  • Only people who genuinely need to use an accessible toilet due to a disability or mobility issue will be able to unlock these toilets, preventing misuse and ensuring disabled facilities are available to those who need it most.

  • Accessible toilets and changing areas will be cleaner as there will be limited access to these.

  • Disabled users can access your accessible facilities independently as they won’t need to ask a member of staff for a code on locked doors if there is a RADAR lock and key system in place.

  • They help to protect your washroom facilities from vandalism, making them particularly useful in public washrooms. See our vandal-resistant sanitaryware here.

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