Semi Recessed Basins

As a leading supplier of sanitary ware, Commercial Washrooms is able to quickly provide a wide range of semi recessed basins from leading manufacturers such as Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard and Twyford. Semi recessed basins are installed within a vanity unit so the leading edge of the basin is visible and they’re a great option for washrooms with a more contemporary look. Available in a range of shapes and styles to suit your individual preference, you can find a semi recessed basin for any commercial setting.

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Semi Recessed Basins for Washrooms

Semi recessed basins are designed for installation into a vanity unit, they sit low in the countertop with the front of the basin hanging over the unit. Their modern design not only adds style to a washroom, but they are also very practical as it’s much easier to reach the basin and you’ll also have more space to place essential washroom items on the countertop.They can be used in any commercial washroom environment, including office kitchens and school bathrooms, and are available in a variety of sizes. We also have options of two tap holes, one tap hole, and no tap holes for many of our semi recessed basin products, sowe  have something to suit your requirements.

Excellent for use in commercial washrooms with limited space, our range of semi-recessed basins are manufactured from vitreous china or ceramic. We have close relationships with leading basin manufacturers including Franke, RAK Ceramics, Ideal Standard, Armitage Shanks and Twyford, meaning our selection is vast, of fantastic quality and our prices are competitive.

Many common questions and general advice on semi recessed basins and sinks can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Washroom Sinks information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our semi recessed basin products and sinks have been included.

Looking for a product that you can’t see on our website? Please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you find what you need.

Semi-Recessed Basin FAQ

What is a semi recessed basin?

A semi recessed basin is a type of basin which is a cross between a fully recessed basin and a countertop basin. Whilst it can sit on top of a unit, it overhangs the counter top and is available in different designs and shapes. 

Benefits of semi recessed basins

Here are a few reasons why you might choose a semi recessed basin for your washroom:

  • They’re stylish -  semi recessed basins can add a contemporary look to your washroom and they’re ideal for those seeking a more minimalist setting. 

  • They’re practical - compared to countertop basins and fully recessed basins, they’re more space efficient which gives you more room for washroom essentials such as hand towels and you also have more space to place personal belongings as you wash your hands. 

  • You can find the right style for you - you can find semi recessed basins in a range of sizes, shapes and styles to suit your washroom. 

How to fit a semi recessed basin

It can be difficult to fit a semi recessed basin into a countertop, which is why we recommend that you hire a professional to carry out the work - this will prevent any accidental damage and will ensure that the plumbing is connected properly. 

This is how to fit a semi recessed basin:

  1. Place your installation template over the counter and mark around this using a pencil

  2. Cut into your countertop following the template

  3. Next, you’ll need to use a varnish to coat the inside of the recess 

  4. Install the basin

  5. Now you’ll need to secure the basin (it can help to have someone else support you with this). Firstly, mark the position of the brackets whilst the basin is being held in place

  6. Remove the basin and use a drill to drill fixing holes. Then, fit in the wall plugs.

  7. Fit the brackets in and secure with screws. You may then fit the basin in, aligning the holes located on the underside of the basin with the bracket holes

  8. At this stage, you need to put metal expanders in place as these will secure the basin

  9. Apply silicone sealant around the basin and leave it for half and hour or so

  10. Finally, you’ll need to install the drain and trap and connect the water supply. You should then test that everything is working by running the water.

If you have any other questions about our semi recessed basins or other washroom products, please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.