Hand Washing Stations

Our hand washing stations are a unique combination of washbasin, tap, and soap dispenser in a single, convenient unit. The advantages of space-saving and high durability make these units ideal for placement in commercial washrooms, especially those that experience a large amount of footfall.

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The hand wash units are built from either high-quality stainless steel or a solid surface resin to ensure a degree of vandal resistance and contemporary aesthetics. Depending on the model, some include in-built taps as standard and a choice between either manual or electronic taps, plus the opportunity to include soap dispensers.

Whether you need a hand washing station for a medical setting, office or construction site, you are sure to find the right solution for your washroom and business needs with our broad range of hand washing stations. 

Choose from either wall mounted, floor mounted or portable hand wash stations. Our range is easy to install with a simple connection to hot and cold water feeds all that is necessary.

Many common questions and general advice on basins and hand washing stations can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Washroom Sinks information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our basin and sinks have been included.

Should you have any questions regarding the hand washing station products seen here, or if you are looking for a product that doesn't appear on our website or something bespoke then please call our friendly sales team on 01202 650900.

Hand Washing Station FAQ

What is a hand washing station?

A hand washing station is a point for people to wash their hands - they usually include soap, water and either a hand dryer or paper towels so may also be referred to as an ‘all in one hand wash station’. There are many different types of hand washing stations available so they can differ in how they function and what they feature but their shared purpose is to allow users to maintain good hygiene. 

What types of hand washing stations are there?

We have a broad range of commercial hand washing stations available depending on your washroom’s needs, here are the main types of hand washing stations we have:

  • Portable hand washing station - these are mobile and are ideal for use at events or on construction sites where there is limited access to water points.

  • Foot-operated hand washing stations - these are operated by foot and are perfect for commercial settings such as food preparation points where hygiene is of utmost importance. They also reduce the water wastage as taps are less likely to be left running accidently.   

  • Wall-mounted hand washing stations - these are ideal for smaller washrooms as they save floor space.

  • Floor-standing hand washing stations - these can either be mounted to the wall or floor standing and may be best suited to washrooms where more space is available. 

  • Automatic hand washing stations - these can be recessed into a washroom’s wall and are popular in public facilities. As these types of hand washing stations can usually dispense soap, feed water and dry hands, they reduce the need for users to move around which also lessens the risk of slipping on wet floors. 

What are the benefits of a hand washing station?

There are many benefits to having a hand washing station in your commercial washroom, including: 

  • They encourage good hygiene - it is important for businesses to ensure that their staff and visitors are able to wash their hands and maintain good hygiene. 

  • They are easy to use - whether they are pedal-operated or automatic, hand washing stations are simply to use which makes them perfect for public use. 

  • You can find portable hand washing stations that do not require mains water, mains drainage or a power supply.This means users can maintain good hygiene and limit the spread of germs in remote areas.

  • They are easy to clean and maintain - hand washing stations are typically made from stainless steel which makes them easy to clean and wipe down to adhere to health and safety standards. 

  • They are suitable for most commercial environments - as there is a range of hand washing stations available, all with different features (including portable), you can find the right one for your business. 

What should a hand washing station have?

A good hand washing station should meet certain requirements, such as: 

  • Water should not reach high temperatures which could scald users

  • There should be a sufficient amount of hand soap - this should be regularly checked.

  • If paper towels are provided, there should also be waste disposal available

How to set up a hand washing station

The type of hand washing station you decide to go for and where to place it in your workplace will depend on factors such as space available. That said, when it comes to setting up a hand washing station, you will want to consider the following: 

  • How much traffic is there in my workplace’s washroom? If your washrooms are high-traffic areas, you may look to install an automatic hand washing station as this involves less contact and allows users to wash and dry their hands all in one place. 

  • Will work be carried out outside? If your company holds events or works outside (e.g construction) the best option may be a portable hand washing station which can be set up by the entrance/exit zones. 

  • Who will be using the hand washing station? This will determine the height at which you set up your hand washing station. 

  • What work is carried out? If catering is involved, hand washing stations should be set up nearby so hands are washed regularly to comply with food health and safety regulations.

Where should you wash your hands at work? 

Where a hand washing station is placed in the workplace will vary across businesses, however, they must be accessible. The most common location for a hand washing station at work is in washrooms and kitchens/food preparation areas. It may also be necessary to have a hand washing station set up by the entrance/exit of a site to ensure that the area is clean and follows health and safety regulations. 

How do portable hand washing stations work?

Portable hand washing stations are perfect for events such as festivals and locations including building sites where there is limited access to a water supply. The hand washing unit should be filled up with clean water and regularly emptied/refilled to ensure that users are able to wash their hands effectively. Our portable hand washing station features a hands-free sensor tap and can provide approximately 50 washes!