Commercial Toilet Cisterns

The range of toilet cisterns offered by Commercial Washrooms includes options for exposed ceramic units suitable for low-level and close-coupled toilets and concealed plastic versions for wall-hung and back-to-wall toilets. We have toilet cisterns available for lever-operated flush mechanisms as well as push-button and sensor types. All toilet cisterns and replacement parts are available to order online or over the phone for quick and easy delivery.

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What is a Toilet Cistern?

Cisterns, much like a tank, are used to store water that can be used for flushing Toilets and Urinals (we also supply a range of concealed cistern urinals and exposed cistern urinals). Numerous flushing methods are used that offer different benefits for the system, be that water-saving or flushing systems designed with greater hygiene in mind.

From a design point of view, toilet cisterns can be either Exposed or Concealed. Exposed toilet cisterns offer easier maintenance and are used with low level and close coupled toilet pans. Concealed toilet cisterns are installed behind walls within service voids or behind duct panels that protect them from damage and offer a smarter, more modern look - used with wall hung and back to wall toilet pans.

We are pleased to offer our own brand of sanitary ware, selected with economy in mind, and those from leading manufacturers such as RAK Ceramics, Twyford and Armitage Shanks. We have an extensive toilet cistern range, including dual-flush, low-level lever and more to suit your washroom’s needs.

Click through to a specific product to see the VAT-inclusive price and buy online. If you require installation for large projects, that is something we can help with - learn more about our washroom refurbishment services here.

If you cannot see the toilet cistern you are looking for please get in touch; we welcome all enquiries.

Toilet Cistern FAQs

How to stop condensation on toilet cistern

If condensation often builds on your toilet cisterns, it could be worth installing air conditioning or a dehumidifier or ensuring you have good washroom ventilation which will help to cool and remove excess moisture from the air and keep it clean.

How much is a toilet cistern?

How much a toilet cistern costs will vary across brands and models. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we have toilet cisterns for sale from as little as £46.20 including VAT and also sell toilet cistern parts, such as a toilet syphon, should you not wish to replace your entire cistern. Please do get in touch with our friendly team to discuss which toilet cistern will be best for you if you need any assistance.

How to access a concealed toilet cistern

Concealed toilet cisterns are located behind a wall or integrated plumbing system (IPS) panelling. If your toilet cistern is located behind IPS panels, there will be access panels for you to remove (these may require a key to unlock). If on the other hand, your toilet cistern sits behind a wall, you’ll typically be able to access it by removing a flush plate (these are very common in modern bathrooms).

You can read our blog on how to access a concealed toilet cistern for more information.

How does a toilet cistern work?

Typically, toilet cisterns are located against a wall (known as exposed toilet cisterns) or behind it (these are hidden and are known as concealed toilet cisterns). They are tanks which store water and have valves and flushing systems so that when a user flushes the toilet, the cistern will be able to fill itself back up so there’s water ready for the next flush. 

Can you just replace the cistern on a toilet?

Yes, it’s possible to just replace the cistern of a toilet rather than installing a new toilet pan. Reasons for replacing a toilet cistern alone would be due to there being an issue (such as water constantly running into the bowl, the cistern keeps filling with water or the toilet won’t flush).

Many common questions and general advice on commercial toilet cisterns such as ‘How does a toilet flush valve work?’and ‘What are the different types of toilets?’ can be found by reading our blog.