Commercial Toilet Cisterns

The range of cisterns offered by Commercial Washrooms includes options for both toilets and urinals, and are available to order via the website or over the phone for quick and easy delivery.

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What are they?

Cisterns, much like a tank, store water that can be used for flushing Urinals and Toilets. Numerous flushing methods are used that offer different benefits for the system, be that water saving or greater hygiene.

From a design point of view, cisterns can be either Exposed or Concealed. Exposed cisterns offer easier maintenance, while Concealed cisterns protect them from damage and look smarter.

We are pleased to offer our own brand of sanitary ware, selected with economy in mind, and also those from leading manufacturers such as Twyford and Armitage Shanks. Alongside this we also sell numerous parts for cisterns, ensuring we can help should you have any issues with yours.

If you can't see what you are looking for please get in touch; we welcome all enquiries.