Vandal Proof Urinals

We supply a range of robust vandal resistant urinals and public toilet urinals for use in commercial washrooms and areas vulnerable to cases of vandalism or wear and tear from high use. Competitively priced and available to order online, delivery of our vandal proof urinals is quick and easy.

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  1. Pland Stainless Steel Krakow Urinal with Rear Inlet
    Pland Stainless Steel Krakow Urinal with Rear Inlet (Concealed)
    As low as £744.00 £620.00

  2. Pland Stainless Steel Krakow Urinal with Top Inlet (Exposed)
    Pland Stainless Steel Krakow Urinal with Top Inlet (Exposed)
    As low as £789.60 £658.00

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The anti-vandal urinal units are designed to have a high degree of impact resistance as well as being functional and practical and therefore usable in any commercial washroom and not just restricted to use in busy public areas such as bus and train stations or healthcare clinics. Some of our vandal proof urinals are available with infra-red flushing kits or otherwise can be supplied as a single urinal bowl only if you just need a replacement. 

Here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell a wide-range of anti-ligature and vandal resistant sanitary ware, including anti-vandal toilets, public toilet sinks and accessories such as anti-vandal shower heads. Whether you’re looking to complete a vandal proof washroom refurbishment project, need anti-vandal urinals to protect your building’s facilities or taking measures to ensure the safety of users, we’re here to help!

If you have any questions about our anti-vandal urinals or any of our other products, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to assist you with your query.

Anti-vandal urinals FAQ

How to clean a stainless steel urinal

Stainless steel urinals are very easy to clean and maintain. You can clean our range of anti-vandal urinals made from stainless steel by washing them with mild soap and water (for stubborn stains, you may also need to scrub the surface with a bowl brush),  rinsing them thoroughly and drying them off with a cloth.

Anti-vandal trough urinal dimensions

The size of urinal troughs can vary depending on how many users they’re designed for, who they’re designed for and who they were manufactured by. Some washroom suppliers will give you the option of choosing the desired trough size depending on your individual needs (such as how much available space your washroom has). For example, here at Commercial Washrooms, we have anti-vandal urinals available in four different lengths (1200mm long to 2400mm long). 

What are the benefits of anti-vandal urinals? 

Anti-vandal urinals are ideal for a number of commercial washrooms, including schools, public washrooms, prisons and sports stadiums. Their benefits include:

  • They’re durable - as they’re made from heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel, they’re very robust and resistant to abuse.

  • They’re cost effective - as they are less prone to damage, anti-vandal urinals are perfect for high-traffic areas and washrooms at risk of vandalism. Vandal proof urinal troughs are particularly cost-effective as they can be used by multiple users at once.

  • They can easily be cleaned and maintained - this relieves pressure from cleaners of high-traffic washrooms, allowing them to keep the condition of urinals up to a high standard.