Altro Whiterock Supply and Installation service

Altro Whiterock Installation ServiceAltro Whiterock Installation Service

Here at Commercial Washrooms we are working in partnership with Altro to supply and fit impeccable quality flooring and wall cladding to ensure the lifespan of your commercial wash space is maintained. Altro products deliver rugged durability, anti-slip properties underfoot and give you ease of cleaning long into the future.

Why we partnered with Altro

For nearly 100 years Altro worked with architects, engineers, designers and contractors to be at the forefront of innovation. This has enabled them to deliver products that transform everyday spaces into environments that improve the wellbeing of everyone that uses them.

Altro hold a leading industry position as one of the finest manufacturers of safety flooring and have built a highly regarded reputation for both hygiene and safety. Altro’s Whiterock wall cladding earnt an unbeatable reputation in commercial kitchens becomming the go-to paneling in the food service industry which is how it has now become perhaps the very best option when working in commercial washrooms thanks to its high performing hygiene and easy clean credentials.

As a result of our partnership, Commercial Washrooms can now offer an even broader range of customisation to your washroom refurbishments to ensure you benefit from the latest innovations in safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding while still meeting your design aesthetic.

Altro's Products

Learn more about the Altro Brand here or click here to start a quote for Altro Whiterock Products.

We also supply and fit Altro Whiterock Hand Wash Station.

Altro's Product Power

With such diversity in finishes and colourways, their products have allowed us to step outside the traditional or mundane washroom aesthetic and create design-led spaces that look just as good as they perform. By bringing them into the Commercial Washroom offering, we’ll be providing our customers with even more flexibility and creativity in their washroom designs.

With anti-slip flooring that works with both bare feet and footwear, as well as wall cladding that can be thermo-formed around corners, there's a wealth of benefits to explore within Altro's product range, which is expanding all the time. Welcoming them into the Commercial Washroom fold means you can satisfy user safety, endurance and design concerns easily with a brand you can rely on.

How you can use Altro in your upcoming project

Click here to find out more about why we love Altro’s products and how they can benefit your business. Or if you would like some advice on an upcoming project, get in touch with us today on 01202 650900.


What is Altro Whiterock made of?

Altro Whiterock is a durable wall cladding made of food-safe PVCu polymer and has a high-quality finish. This material is also very easy to clean and maintain, so it’s great for high-traffic areas.

What is wall cladding?

Wall cladding is a material which is applied over a wall as a type of decorative covering and can provide benefits such as waterproofing and insulation. It is typically made from composite materials, stones or metals, but in the case of Altro Whiterock wall cladding, this is made from PVCu polymer. It can be a great alternative to tiles or painted walls thanks to its water-resistant and durable qualities. 

How much is wall cladding?

How much wall cladding will cost will depend on the size of your project, but generally, the installation of wall cladding can cost up to £600. Contact our sales team today to get a full quote.

Is Whiterock heat resistant?

Yes, Altro Whiterock wall sheets are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved and can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees.

How thick is Altro Whiterock?

Typically CE marked Altro Whiterock is about 2.5mm thick.

Where can Altro Whiterock be used?

Altro Whiterock can be used in a number of commercial facilities, including:

  • Kitchens.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Showers and changing rooms.
  • Clinical rooms and scrub rooms.

Who can install Altro Whiterock panels?

We can! Here at Commercial Washrooms, we are both Altro Whiterock suppliers (you can place your order online with us) and Altro Whiterock installers with a specialist team available to bring your project to life. You can discuss your project with us at any time and we’ll be happy to help.

What are the benefits of Altro Whiterock wall cladding?

  • It can be a more cost-effective option, especially as it resists damage.
  • It’s available in a range of colours so you can select an option which suits the area you’re installing it in.
  • It’s easy to wipe clean and maintain thanks to its smooth surface which doesn’t absorb moisture.
  • It can be cut to size, fitting any wall.
  • It’s made of food-safe PVCu polymer, making it an ideal solution for kitchens. It can also withstand temperatures of up to 60 degrees.
  • It’s 100% watertight and durable - tiling can easily become damaged, especially in high-traffic areas. Another issue with traditional tiled walls is that water can easily penetrate them, leading to more bacteria growth. As Altro Whiterock wall cladding is watertight and has no grouts, it is a more hygienic option and it resists bacteria and mould growth.