Off-Season Refurbishments

Off Season Refurbishments

Busy Summer? Use the Autmn and Winter downtime to give you leisure facilities washrooms some TLC

Making the Most of Seasonal 'Downtime'

Thursday / 26th October

As the long summer season draws to a close, the quieter autumn months provide an ideal opportunity for routine maintenance, upgrades and complete refurbishments to your campsite washroom facilities.

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However, ahead of the works, late summer is an ideal time to assess your washrooms. Whether you’re planning some thorough annual maintenance, looking to upgrade some of your features, or going for a complete refurbishment, now is the time to start planning, enabling you to make the most of the quieter months ahead.

Off Season Refurbishments

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Our top 10 Considerations for Caravan Site Washrooms

Thursday / 26th October

Commercial washrooms on caravan parks and campsites are unique, which means the usability needs a little tweaking. The wash space needs the durability of a public toilet, but the functionality of a hotel bathroom.

Users won’t just be using these facilities for a quick refresh after activities, they’ll be using the washroom in very much the same way they would their bathroom at home. From taking a shower first thing in the morning, to brushing their teeth just before bed, usability and considerate use of space is key to their design. Here we take a look at 10 of the most important considerations for caravan and campsite washrooms.

With all of this in mind, what are the 10 most important factors to consider regarding these facilities? To save you time we have put together an article on the subject.

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