Building Inspiration: Baby Changing Facilities

Building Inspiration: Baby Changing Facilities

When planning your washroom refurbishment, your user's needs have to be considered in great depth. The demand for good baby changing facilities has increased and there are many stylish ways to accommodate them into your washroom, incorporating them seamlessly into your design.

Nice & Easy

A very straightforward and easy option is to install a drop down baby changing unit in the communal area of your washroom, ideally located near the wash basins. Users of drop down baby-changing units are likely to need a hard surface close to hand on which to place their changing bag to access nappies, wipes, etc. So bear this in mind when choosing the position of your unit.

Design & Style

You needn’t compromise on the overall finish of your washroom. Smart stainless steel units are available and for stylish, integral features you can even get recessed pull down baby stations. Another great option to consider is solid surface baby changing stations that remain in situ. These can be incorporated with a cupboard underneath which can be used for complimentary changing supplies, sanitation products or even discreet waste disposal bins.

Waste Disposal

If opting for a solid surface baby changer, you may continue your work surface run and include a counter mounted waste chute. Alternatives might include freestanding waste bins or recessed, wall mounted waste bins. However, bear in mind that nappies, more often than not, carry some interesting smells. If you cannot ensure the use of nappy bags, or supply them complimentary to users, then make sure to select a bin that has a top or flap, which helps to keep odours within.


Babies make a mess and it is essential baby changing stations are either very close to a wash station or have their own provided. A pull down paper roll that a baby can be changed on is a great idea that allows the user to tear off the used piece of roll and dispose after use. This keeps the work surface free of any potential mess. Hand sanitiser and paper towel dispensers are also worth having close to hand.

Don’t Forget The Dads

Remember it is not only the ladies washrooms that need consideration for baby changing facilities. The mens toilets need the same consideration if you are not planning to have a designated unisex changing room. This goes for almost all washroom environments including restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, leisure centre changing rooms and event venues. If a dad has to change his baby on the cold, hard floor of your washroom, no matter how great the finish or slick the new hand dryers are, he’s unlikely to be coming back.

Making Things Easier For The Parent

It’s worth bearing the personal needs of the parent in mind when considering your baby changing facilities too. Many times, when a parent is desperate for the toilet themselves, there is nowhere to put their infant safetly whilst they use the facilities. This can be more prevalent for users who have a toddler rather than a baby who is likely to have a pushchair. Wall mounted infant seats are a godsend to parents and are ideal in washrooms at leisure centres, event stadiums, shopping malls and most other public facilities.

The basic needs for baby changing facilities are actually very simple and can be implemented into washrooms easily and cost-effectively. In today's environment of busy on-the-go parents, it’s important not to overlook the importance of baby changing facilities in your washroom.

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