School Washroom Refurbishment In Term Time

School Washroom Refurbishment In Term Time

Scheduling in renovations to your school’s washrooms has usually been kept to summer holidays and half-term breaks. However, even major washroom refurbishments can be carried out during peak term time without disruption to students, faculty, and the day-to-day functioning of your school. To do this successfully requires strategic planning, order, and management.

With an established history of providing turn-key school washroom renovations throughout the academic year, we have a wealth of experience handling everything from small refits to structural redevelopments. Here we explain how we can transform your tired washroom or changing room into an incredibly hygienic, easy to clean, and highly durable school washroom, without having to wait for the holidays.

Noise and disruption

One of the biggest concerns from site managers and faculty heads alike is the potential disruption caused to students while studying. Whether it’s the worry of noise during vital learning, or inconvenience closing hallways and thoroughfares, both of these can be mitigated almost completely. 

School toilet Refurbishment

The strip out and removal of existing washrooms can be carried out during the evenings or at the weekends. This is particularly useful when carrying out larger structural changes to rooms. At a project carried out at Matravers School in Poole, we removed an entrance hallway to the washrooms in order to create a more open and inviting wash space, allowing us to reconfigure it into a much more user-friendly area. Heavy-duty work, like channeling out floor drains and gulleys, removing walls, and inserting steels can be done simultaneously in this first phase. This leaves the cleaner, quieter installation phase, which can be fulfilled during the day.

Zero waste

Additionally, there might rightly be concerns over waste, with visions of untidy skips left in the car park. We are able to have these collected in rapid turnaround so that you don’t have your tired looking old toilet cubicles and washbasins out on show or causing a hazard. When using skips, we can have them collected on the same or next day, and schedule the works so that it gets filled in one go. In some cases, we can also use a wait and load service, whereby the waste is taken straight away when removed.

Toilet IPS Panels

Material management

With your existing washrooms stripped back and prepped, thoughts might turn to where all the new materials, wall cladding, DUCT sets, toilet pans, washbasins, and urinals are going to be stored while the installation takes place. Through meticulous material management, we are able to control the flow of fixtures and fittings to a level that is manageable by our team. This means that they will only have the materials they need, without having to trip over parts that won’t be required until further down the line. This creates a more productive and efficient working environment with no clutter for you or your school. 

Safety and DBS checks

All of our team that will be working in your school are advanced DBS checked. So from initial site inspection through to sign-off, you can rely on the safety of both our works and our people. It’s worth pointing out that we almost never cordon off hallways to carry out works in term time. We can screen off small areas for access if required, but most often we can bring all the days materials into the room being worked on either before the school day begins, or during class when corridors are empty from student traffic. 

If you’d like to discuss your washroom improvement works, or find out how we can provide a full refurbishment project for you during term time, please get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900.

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