Spotlight On: Drinking Fountains

Spotlight On: Drinking Fountains

There are many types and styles of drinking fountains available that can be fitted anywhere from entrance halls and playgrounds, through to changing rooms and executive offices. Here we take a look at some of the options available to you.

The best environments for drinking fountains
Drinking fountains are installed in many areas. Beyond the washroom, they are regularly installed in hospital thoroughfares, playgrounds, changing rooms, shopping malls and reception waiting rooms. Wherever you choose to install a drinking water fountain, bear in mind that you’ll need mains water and drainage redirected to your chosen site. In most cases, the need for disposable cups will be eliminated, however, these can still be utilised and stowed in a wall-mounted dispenser nearby.

Replacing the office water cooler
The office water cooler can work out quite expensive over the course of a year. Replacing your water cooler contract with an integrated drinking fountain can deliver significant savings, particularly in a large office environment. Many models come with an elongated bottle-filling tap as standard. This can be used for filling a variety of cups and water vessels and can encourage the eco-friendly option of eliminating disposable cups altogether. Not only do drinking fountains require less maintenance compared to water coolers, but you also never need to store the large water bottles.

Chilled drinking fountains
Franke do a number of chilled drinking fountains that have an integral filter. This is an ideal solution in areas that suffer from hard water and filters only need replacing every six months. These water fountains are a popular installation in universities and leisure centres, particularly in the gym. Choose from either a wall mounted, or pedestal fountain, both of which connect to mains electricity via a 240v three-pin plug.

Staying hydrated
Research has shown that children in schools aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day and there has been a sharp uptake in the installation of drinking fountains on school sites. Wall mounted options can be fitted at a low height to enable young children to operate the fountains more easily. Having these facilities available helps to promote better hydration in pupils. The issue is also apparent in gyms and having water available to users, helps prompt them to drink more fluids during their workout.

Drinking fountains are all relatively durable and designed to go in areas used by the general public. All of our Franke drinking fountains are stainless steel and wall mounted options prove popular for playgrounds, public sports facilities and playing field amenities. Mains pipework and waste are all cleverly concealed within the unit, helping to prevent accidental damage and tampering. Being stainless steel, they are very resistant to the elements and models that do not incorporate chilling systems can usually be installed outdoors.

As always, our team are at the end of the telephone for all your queries and questions and have a wealth of knowledge they’re happy to share with you. So if you need some guidance, or would like to talk over your options, you can give them a call on 01202 650900.

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