Toilet Cubicle Locks and Hardware Packs

Toilet Cubicle Locks and Hardware Packs

Cubicle Hardware is an important element to consider when refurbishing commercial wash space. This is the hinges, locks, coat hooks and cubicle feet. Items that require strength and stability. Here we look at what you need to consider when installing new cubicles, or refreshing old ones.

What does a Toilet Cubicle Hardware Pack consist of?

Metal Coat Hooks

Metal Coat Hooks are a neat touch that you can add to your toilet cubicle doors in your washrooms. Our range of toilet cubicle metal coat hooks have been selected from the UK's leading hardware manufacturers, and come with a black rubber buffer as standard to ensure no impact damage is caused to walls or toilet cubicle partitions when the door is opened.

Toilet Locks

Toilet Locks for Cubicle Doors, are one of the most fundamental and necessary components to a toilet cubicle- and with Commercial Washrooms, you can find a variety of locks in different styles, designs, and finishes, depending on what you’re looking for in your Washroom’s Cubicle Doors.

Rise and Fall Cubicle Hinges

Rise and Fall Toilet Cubicle Door Hinges are a good addition to any toilet cubicle door, as they provide an additional level of stability and confidence for use in high use washrooms and areas that may be prone to vandalism. They can also be set to allow the door to fall fully open, fully closed or two positions in-between, and a hidden screw is fitted to each hinge to prevent the doors from being lifted off.

Cubicle Feet - Height Adjustable and fixed height

Adjustable Toilet Cubicle Feet are available for different widths of Cubicle Panel from 12mm to 21mm and come with fixings to fix the Leg to the floor. These feet support the cubicle near the cubicle door with support at the rear of the cubicle panel provided by wall brackets. Brackets are available in a variet of finishes including Brushed Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel and primary colours for Schools.

Cubicle Hardware Packs

Cubicle Hardware Packs contain a full set of contain cubicle locks, brackets, hinges and legs and feet - enough for one Shower or Toilet Cubicle. Suitable for cubicles made from either solid grade laminate (SGL), melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) or high-pressure laminate (HPL) with panel thicknesses of between 12mm and 21mm. Available in an aluminium or stainless steel finish. 


Different types of Washroom Cubicle

The useful thing about cubicle hardware is that whether you’re dealing with an SGL Shower Cubicle, an HPL Changing Room Cubicle, or a School Toilet Cubicle Stall, the hardware is largely interchangeable. It usually includes a lock, lift-off hinges, u-brackets to create secure fixings, and legs or feet that raise the bottom of the panels off the floor. 

Are there different finishes for cubicle hardware?

While the aluminium cubicle hardware pack is perhaps the most popular option for washrooms, several different finishes are available. This allows you to create a different aesthetic or play into the desired finish of the washroom.

For instance, you could choose a powder-coated finish for the hardware or select a coloured option that might work in nursery and junior school settings. We also offer stainless steel options and those with a satin finish, giving you a diverse style choice when designing and building a specification for the washroom. 

Most Quality Cubicle Hardware is Aluminum to prevent corrosion in wet environments or steel coated with stainless steel or a painted finish.

Meeting durability and anti-vandal requirements

We specialise in commercial environments, which means anti-vandal resistance and durability are always highly prioritised. However, vandal resistance comes on a sliding scale. The needs of a school, are obviously quite different from those of a washroom in a prison. As such, it is best to contact us directly for toilets in institutional settings so we can help utilise the appropriate fixtures and fittings.

Not all cubicles are created equal

Cubicle Panels are made from several different materials, but most commonly, the more hardwearing options are solid-grade laminate (SGL) or high-pressure laminate (HPL). Our cubicle hardware packs can be used with both. Whether you’re refurbishing a washroom in a school, an office, or an industrial unit, longevity is key. Working with robust material options like SGL and HPL is good forward planning, and the hardware needs to be factored into those decisions, too. All options of cubicle hardware packs at Commercial Washrooms are of a grade high enough to withstand most common workplace environments. 

Exploring different cubicle options

Whether you have a wider cubicle than normal, are fitting outward opening doors for an ambulant or disabled cubicle, or are structuring cubicle panels to create a partition, the cubicle hardware packs work interchangeably - you need to ensure you continue the finish. We design and spec washrooms for a wide range of different settings, and often, when working with existing buildings, there might be structural restrictions, meaning a bespoke approach is needed. This could be a tight wall space to navigate or a low-slung ceiling. In any event, cubicle hardware allows you to achieve a commercial-grade finish.


If you would like more information or advice on designing and installing cubicles. Please get in touch with one of the Commercial Washrooms team on 01202 650900

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