Toilet Refurbishment at Bournemouth and Poole College - Case Study

Toilet Refurbishment at Bournemouth and Poole College - Case Study

Commercial Washrooms prides itself on the specialist washroom design knowledge we can offer our customers. Bournemouth and Poole College required a toilet refurbishment specification to roll out throughout their multi-site Dorset campus. Starting with 2 ladies and 1 gent’s toilet rooms the resulting specification will be replicated numerous times over the coming years.

The brief was for the toilet rooms to be extremely robust and eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Washroom Products:

Non- Concussive Taps: Installation of the Inta Value Basin Mounted Self Close Taps (NC162CP) means that users are unable to leave the water running. When pressed, the internal tap cartridge delivers a pre-determined timed flow of water, saving the College money in wasted water.

Waterless Urinals: 4 Armitage Shanks ceramic Aridian waterless urinals (S6321) have been installed within the male toilet room. The urinals operate without the use of flushing water by filtering urine through a unique cartridge designed to eliminate bacteria and smells. Waterless urinals will likely save the College thousands of litres of clean water being flushed away.

Hand Dryers: The Commercial Washrooms Fast Dry Brushed stainless-steel hand dryers (437219) were selected for their energy efficiency. This popular hand dryer provides facility managers the opportunity to adjust the power and heat output. It dries hands rapidly providing significant savings compared to the use of paper towels, which previously existed.

Robust Washroom Products:

Toilet Cubicles: Ultra Plus solid grade laminate (SGL) Toilet Cubicles (WCUltraPlus) were selected because of their robust construction. The stainless-steel cubicle locks, hinges, feet, and headrail are stronger than their aluminium equivalent. The SGL panels and cubicle doors provide a high level of resistance to vandalism and general wear and tear. They are water resistant and can, therefore, be washed down frequently helping to keep them looking new for longer.

Vanity Units: Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Vanity Units (SGLVAN1000) were specified. Not only do they conceal all pipework behind accessible underframes, but also benefit from the advantages offered by the Ultra SGL cubicles – robust, hard wearing, and resistant to water ingress.

Concealed Cisterns: Armitage Shanks Conceala 2 Low Level Concealed Cistern with Lever Flush (S3617) was chosen to operate from within the service void. Concealing cisterns and pipework is a great way of preventing unwanted tampering and lengthens the expected lifespan of the plumbing.

The College opted for blue toilet cubicles and vanity units from the Polyrey Washroom Collection of laminates. The colours stand out in contrast to the neutral tones selected on the walls and floors.

For help in specifying your next washroom refurbishment project please contact our knowledgeable sales staff, on 01202 650900, for a bespoke quote.

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