Cistermiser Water Efficient Cisterns, Taps and Flush Controls  

Cistermiser Water Efficient Sensor TapsCistermiser Water Efficient Sensor Taps

About Cistermiser

Cistermiser designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of innovative and effective water & energy-saving solutions, for the Commercial Washroom environment. Our range includes Infrared Taps, Shower Panels, TMV's, Washroom Control, Toilet Flushing, Urinal Flushing, Remote Monitoring and Limescale Prevention.


They have a proud history spanning over 45 years of service to the UK construction industry, with design and development of proven and innovative products from their headquarters and manufacturing centre in Woodley, Reading.

Water-Saving Solutions

Despite the chronic shortage of water storage facilities in the UK, each individual still uses approximately 150 litres per day; this figure increases to over 3,400 litres per person every day when embedded water consumption (water used to produce the food and other commodities we consume) is considered. A conventional tap installed in typical commercial premises can use over half a million litres of water per year.

Citermiser's bold ‘Our World is Water’ corporate slogan underlines a commitment to producing smart, efficient water management solutions that optimise control, deliver savings and help to ensure the safety and preservation of the earth’s most precious resource.


Cistermiser has a long-established record of dedication to conserving water; our first water-saving product was launched soon after the 1976 drought. We have always recognised the need to reduce water wastage and our product range reflects this commitment. Our infrared range of products has been recognised as “water efficient” under the European Water Label Scheme.

Cistermiser Water Efficient Cisterns, Taps and Flush ControlsCistermiser Water Efficient Cisterns, Taps and Flush Controls



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