Shaws of Darwen

  Shaws Hand Crafted Fireclay Sinks  

Shaws Hand Crafted Fireclay SinksShaws Hand Crafted Fireclay Sinks

Shaws Quality Sinks

When Shaws of Darwen was founded at the end of the 19th century, they had a vision - to make the finest handcrafted fireclay sinks in the whole of England.


Today, Shaws enjoys a worldwide reputation for the beauty, quality, craftmanship and practicality of their artisan products.


Shaws famous Butler and Belfast sinks have been in continuous production since the reign of Queen Victoria. There are known Shaws sinks that have been in daily use for more than 100 years, washing dishes and bathing babies.

Hand-Crafted Fireclay

More dense than china clay, fireclay must be fired for longer and at a higher temperature. If you get it right, the result is an immensely durable material with a deep, lustrous finish.


Shaw recognised the skill required to shape a fireclay sink once it has been released from its mould, so he encouraged his craftsman to stamp their name on the base of every sink, as a guarantee of quality. Look under any Shaws sink and you will find the year of manufacturer and the name of its maker.


The methods and standards Arthur Shaw insisted upon are still employed today. They still believe they are the best way of making the finest fireclay sinks in the world.


At Commercial Washrooms, you can be confident purchasing the highest quality hand-crafted Shaws sinks.

Shaws Hand Crafted Fireclay SinksShaws Hand Crafted Fireclay Sinks



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