Blanc Low Level Lever Operated Ceramic Toilet Cistern

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The Commercial Washrooms Blanc Low-Level Lever Operated Ceramic Toilet Cistern is modern, sleek and provides excellent value for money. Suitable for use in many commercial washroom settings. 

The lever operated low level toilet cistern is wall mounted at a low level, separately from the toilet pan and connected via the white plastic flush pipe (supplied within the cistern fittings pack).

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Blanc Low Level Lever Operated Ceramic Toilet Cistern
Blanc Low Level Lever Operated Ceramic Toilet Cistern

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£139.20 £116.00

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    This white ceramic low level toilet cistern is lever operated and has a modern appearance, allowing for easy use and making the ideal addition to any commercial bathroom such as in offices, schools, leisure centres and gyms.

    The price listed is for the low level toilet cistern only. Upgrade to a full cistern pack which includes:

    • White low-level toilet cistern SISO shell.
    • White low-level toilet cistern fitting pack - lever operation SISO.


    • Made from high-quality vitreous china material.
    • The cistern can be adjusted to 6/4 L, standard flush.
    • The lever can be adjusted to a long lever.

    Can be purchased as a FULL PACK or as INDIVIDUAL items.

    Product codes:

    • S7006013 - Blanc Low Level Lever Operated Ceramic Toilet Cistern Shell
    • S7006014 - Blanc Low Level Toilet Cistern Fittings


    Low level toilet cistern FAQs


    What is a toilet cistern?


    A toilet cistern is essentially a tank which holds the water that’s needed for flushing after a toilet has been used. There are different types of toilet cisterns, including:


    • Low level toilet cisterns - these are sited behind and just above the toilet pan, showing a short flush pipe. 

    • High level toilet cisterns - these have a more traditional and Victorian feel to them as they feature long flush pipes and are typically mounted onto shelf brackets. 

    • Close coupled toilet cisterns - these toilet cisterns conceal pipework and are usually bolted directly to the toilet pan, forming a single unit. 

    • Concealed toilet cisterns - like close coupled toilet cisterns, these also conceal pipework but the toilet cistern itself is behind paneling. These are a great option for more modern bathrooms. 


    How to fit a low level toilet cistern


    You should always follow the instructions that come with your specific toilet cistern and hire a professional to carry out the work if you are not experienced to ensure everything is installed correctly. If you are not familiar with the process, this is how to fit a low level toilet cistern:


    1. Mount the cistern to the wall, ensuring the top of the cistern is 1100mm above the ground. You can secure the toilet cistern to the wall using appropriate fixings.

    2. Add the O-ring, chrome cover, compression nut, flush cone and compression washer to the flush pipe.

    3. You can then insert the flush pipe to the bottom of the toilet cistern, tightening the compression nut to secure it. PTFE tape can also be applied to ensure there is a water tight seal. 

    4. Place the cover over the compression fitting and adjust the O-ring so it remains in position.

    5. The flush pipe and flush cone are then inserted into the inlet hole on the toilet pan and the pipework is connected to the water supply. 


    How does a toilet cistern work?


    The toilet cistern features a fill valve which fills the cistern with water after the toilet is flushed. It knows when to refill the tank (and when to stop) with the help of a float which is at the top of the fill valve. When the float is under its set point, more water fills the tank and is stopped when it reaches its point. This process ensures that there is enough water to flush the toilet after each use. 


    How to clean a toilet cistern


    If you need to clean your toilet cistern, you should firstly remove the lid of the cistern, shut off the water valve and flush your toilet until all the water has drained. Spray the interior of the cistern with disinfectant (not bleach as this is corrosive) and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. After this time, you can use a scrub brush to tackle any stubborn stains and wipe away any dirt. Finally, you can turn the water on and let the tank fill back up, flushing the toilet to check everything is working as normal.


    Are toilet cisterns a standard size?


    The size of toilet cisterns can vary across different styles and models but for a low level toilet cistern, the average size is 455mm in width, 350mm in height and projects about 230mm out from the wall. That said, you can find smaller and larger low level toilet cisterns should you require them.


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