How your Commercial Washroom Can be More Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly, Water Saving Washrooms

Simple changes can make a huge difference

How to Create an Energy & Water Saving Washroom

Thursday / 26th October

Whether eco-efficiency and energy saving ideals are important to your business, or you’re just looking for ways to insure against rising energy bills, upgrading commercial washrooms to become a highly efficient eco-friendly one is now a growing area of interest across most sectors.

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One of the brilliant things about many of the modern water and energy saving options available, is that they can be put to work without having to completely overhaul your washrom and bathrooms.

As well as being factored into a complete refurb, you can also easily employ just one or two features and still enjoy a healthy reward in energy and water savings.

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How Green is Your Washroom

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Commercial Washrooms Top 10 Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Washroom:

Thursday / 26th October

With the rising energy and water costs, many companies are looking for ways to streamline their business and operate more efficiently and economically. A lot of companies also take a great pride in their attitudes and corporate culture, which may very well play into green issues.

To save you the time of quickly identifying the solutions that can immediately make a difference to your washroom, we have taken a look at ten ways to create an eco-friendly washroom.

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