Airdri Contour Automatic Hand Dryer

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Available in a brushed stainless steel finish, the Airdri Contour series hand dryer is a cost-effective machine that is ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, offices and hospitals.

Boasting a noise level of just 65 dBA, this hand dryer is one of the quietest options available on the market, balancing high performance alongside low running costs.

Quiet Operation 

The Airdri Contour runs at just 65 dBA. This makes it an exceptionally quiet hand dryer machine, providing a more pleasant experience for users. As they create less noise disturbance, this model is an excellent choice for libraries and offices where noise levels are carefully controlled. 

Hands-free Operation 

The Airdri Contour hand dryer can be operated with just a wave of your hand thanks to its built-in vertical motion sensor. This eliminates the need to search for buttons or touch dirty surfaces, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 

Energy Efficient 

This hand drying machine combines affordability with speed, thanks to its powerful 1.7kW heating element, it delivers a quick and efficient hand-drying performance at a low running cost. 

Attractive, Minimalist Design 

Elegant design means functionality in the Airdri Contour automatic hand dryer. This model boasts an attractive brushed or polished steel finish, and its compact design means it will fit seamlessly into any restroom design. 

Product Features:

  • Electrical Supply 220/240 volts 50/60 Hz
  • Current Consumption 7.0 Amps @ 240 volts
  • Nominal Output 1.7 kW @ 240 volts
  • Dry Time 24 seconds    Control System Automatic, infrared, no-touch
  • Air Volume 190 m3/h
  • Air Velocity 16 m/s
  • Air Outlet Temperature 45°C @ 20°C ambient
  • Sensor Range 100mm vertically under the outlet
  • Noise Level 65 dB(A)
  • Warranty 3 Years Parts


  • Height:  277mm
  • Width:  274mm
  • Depth:  135mm
  • Weight:  4.5kg

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