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Mira have been specialising in shower design for 90 years and are very proud of their understanding and knowledge of the industry. Mira are determined to have the best showers in the business and continuously study the ins and outs of water technology. Only the best quality of materials is used within their products and it is tested thoroughly; making sure their products work to the highest of their ability. Mira provides an enhanced experience of water every day. Mira also have an amazing team who put their experience into practice and get involved with the community. At the heart of everything is their hardworking staff who put on events to help others and also promote their own products, in a positive way.


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Mira's Products

Mira stock a wide variety of products, from extensive product ranges, including many different types of showers, shower doors, trays, taps and accessory ranges. Creating products for each customer’s personal needs are what makes Mira special. Their clear focus on each individual shows their determination and concentration to supply their customers with products of the best standard. Mira also supply a range of electric and digital showers, with specific controls, all at the touch of a button. These controls give the user the ultimate reassurance and safety when being used and allows for a variety of possibilities with many different kinds of features included. 


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