Virtual Showroom

Welcome to the Commercial Washroom Showroom, where you can view a range of example washroom designs created by us with the benefit of our years of industry experience.

  1. Scroll through all our showrooms find one you like the look of.
  2. Select the one you like to go through to the details page.
  3. You’ll be able to hover over and select the products you want to buy.

These example washroom designs all start with the same basic configuration, but they are intended to allow our clients to visualise how sanitary ware, accessories, cubicle styles and colours can be combined to create inspired and unique commercial washroom space. We hope the showroom area will encourage clients to be original, and install a washroom that reflect their particular business style.

All designs and specifications within the showroom can be purchased from Commercial Washrooms Ltd and the example specifications can be refined to suit your exact and particular requirements.