City Skyline

City Skyline demonstrates how hardwearing commercial washrooms needn’t be bland and boring. With vibrantly coloured cubicles and wall panel systems that are custom made for location, this easy clean washroom is perfectly at home in any modern and contemporary business environment. The Franke Ronda Miranit washbasins are perhaps some of the coolest looking units on the market and deliver a brilliant edge to the wash space. The washbasins have been seamlessly partnered with the Aquarius deck mounted short pillar sensor taps, which along with the automatic sensor flush kits used with the toilets, help to significantly improve hygiene in your washroom and workplace. For an elegant and integral finish to this durable washroom there is the recessed wall mounted unit that incorporates paper towel dispenser, hand dryer and waste bin all in one slimline unit. The City Skyline is a washroom perfectly suited to environments such as restaurants and entertainment venues, through to design agencies and even shopping centres.