Freestanding Hand Sanitisers

Freestanding hand sanitisers are a popular option in commercial buildings in need of robust hygiene standards being maintained by staff, customers and visitors. They can be located at receptions, shop entrances or hallways and moved to other areas as necessary. Our range of freestanding hand sanitiser stations are ideal for allowing those visiting or working on your premises to easily and quickly disinfect their hands with a gel or soap mess-free.

Freestanding hand sanitiser stations for commercial buildings

A freestanding hand sanitiser station is often necessary when it is impossible to install a wall-mounted version. They are frequently included in reception areas and entrances to buildings where visitors are requested to sanitise their hands prior to entering the facility in order to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Hand sanitisers are available in a choice of sensor and automatic operation as well as the more basic manual push versions. Our more recent additions include foot pedal operated hand sanitiser units that ensure a no-touch operation for a more hygienic solution.

Manufactured from stainless steel, our hand sanitisation station products are straightforward to assemble, robust, easy to operate and look professional. Sanitiser stands are mobile and can be moved around a building to suit locations frequently being used, making them a more versatile hand sanitising option. Our extensive range also includes a variety of colour options such as brushed stainless steel, white and black to suit your individual needs.

Our focus on the commercial washroom marketplace ensures that no matter the budget and style of the washroom, we will be able to supply a soap and hand sanitising dispenser that looks and acts the part. If a freestanding hand sanitiser station isn’t what you’re looking for, we also stock a wide range of wall mounted soap dispensers and counter mounted soap dispensers as other hand-cleansing solutions to maintain good hygiene in your facilities.

Many common questions and general advice on soap dispensers can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Washroom Dispensers and Washroom Hygiene information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our dispensers have been included.

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Hand sanitiser station FAQs

What does hand sanitiser do?

Hand sanitiser can take the form of a gel or foam and is designed to kill germs and bacteria on a person’s hands. They are typically alcohol-based substances and can be used as an alternative to hand-washing or as an additional means to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. You will often find a hand sanitiser station in areas outside of the washroom, such as in a shop entrance, school or office.

Do hand sanitisers kill viruses?

Hand sanitisers are effective in killing germs,viruses and other infectious bacteria which can easily be spread. This offers those using hand sanitiser more protection from catching and spreading diseases and can be used after washing hands with soap and water as well as on-the-go to maintain good hygiene. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, more buildings invested in hand sanitising stations to keep customers, staff and visitors safe.

What are the benefits of having a hand sanitiser station? 

Having a freestanding hand sanitiser station on your premises has many benefits, including:

  • You can encourage good hygiene and keep your environment clean.

  • It shows your staff, customers and visitors that you care about their health and have their interests at heart.

  • You can protect your staff from catching and spreading viruses which will help to minimise the number of sick days taken.

  • They are easy to use and easily refillable.

  • They offer a quick means to cleanse hands.

  • The use of hand sanitisers in public is likely to remain a common practice following the coronavirus as people are now much more aware of hygiene standards and how viruses are easily spread. 

Who needs a hand sanitiser station?

Any building can benefit from having a hand sanitiser station on their premises. Whilst hand sanitisers were typically more prominent in hospitals and healthcare settings pre-covid, the pandemic led to more people offering hand sanitisers to prevent the spread of coronavirus under government guidance. Now, many commercial settings and public areas continue to offer people a hand-sanitising station to clean their hands on-the-go so that good hygiene is maintained and everyone has better protection from harmful bacteria and viruses. A hand sanitiser station is ideal for schools, offices, catering facilities, public areas and shops. It’s also a good idea to invest in signage which reminds the people to clean their hands and to make the location of hand sanitising points clear to visitors.