Freestanding Hand Sanitisers

Freestanding hand sanitisers are a popular option in commercial buildings in need of robust hygiene standards being maintained by staff and visitors. They can be located at receptions and moved to other areas as necessary.

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  1. Dolphin Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Station | Commercial Washrooms
    Stainless Steel Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Station
    £240.00 £200.00

  2. ASI Hand Sanitising Stand | Commercial Washrooms
    ASI Hand Sanitising Stand with Automatic Sensor Operated Dispenser

    As low as £243.60 £203.00

  3. Floor Mounted Hand Sanitising Dispenser Stand (500ml)
    Floor Mounted Hand Sanitising Dispenser Stand
    £684.00 £570.00

  4. Dolphin Dispensers Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Stand
    Stainless Steel Freestanding Refillable Hand Sanitiser Stand (1L)
    £702.00 £585.00

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Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Stands for Commercial Buildings

A freestanding hand sanitiser is often necessary when it is impossible to install a wall-mounted version. They are frequently included in reception areas and entrances to buildings where visitors are requested to sanitise their hands prior to entering the facility.

Manufactured from stainless steel our stands are straightforward to assemble, robust and look professional. Sanitiser stands are mobile and can be moved around a building to suit locations frequently being used.

Our focus on the commercial washroom marketplace ensures that no matter the budget and style of the washroom, we will be able to supply a dispenser that looks and acts the part. Please also take a look at our wall mounted range of dispensers.

Many common questions and general advice on soap dispensers can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Washroom Dispensers and Washroom Hygiene information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our dispensers have been included.

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