Colossal Fern

Fern is a washroom that carries with it a distinct element of calmness. A versatile suite, Fern is suited to many commercial environments from health clubs, yacht clubs and a diversity of restaurants. Full height custom made cubicles deliver a grand appearance and are made from the same highly durable materials as the IPS wall panels. Cubicles and wall panels are fully moisture resistant and come in a variety of colours and finishes, allowing you to personalise the washroom even further. Both the urinals and toilets have been partnered with automatic flushing systems, which not only improves the usability of your washroom, but also the overall hygiene of your facilities. Countersunk washbasins from Armitage Shanks allow you to keep a flat, smooth and uncluttered surface to your vanity unit. Like the flushing systems, the Classic Swan taps are also sensor activated and bring a regal look to the washing area. Fern is a classically styled washroom with integrated modern technologies, perfect for today’s commercial washroom environments.