Contractor Clearview Showroom Idea

For a clear, open and soothing washroom, Clearview is a choice that sits perfectly in environments from offices and busy cafes, to motorway service stations and leisure centres. The Sandringham countertop washbasins are 500mm wide allowing generous washing space for users when freshening up. The washbasins can be fitted to custom-built vanity units, which are easy to clean and keep pipework hidden from view. Taps are Delabie TempoMix self-closing mixers, which can be temperature adjusted and feature an automatic timed shutoff, helping to reduce the risk of flooding and wasted water. Inside the cubicles are Armitage Shanks Sandringham back to wall toilets which have been partnered with automatic toilet sensor flush kits and mounted to IPS panel systems. Both panel systems and toilet cubicles are custom made and covered in a moisture resistant, highly durable laminate. Contractor Clearview is a strong, versatile suite that works in a multitude of washrooms environments.