Contractor Showroom Idea

The Contractor washroom features the contractor range of toilet cubicles from Commercial Washrooms. It focuses on two striking features that make this facility really stand out. Glink designer sinks sit countertop and allow you to inject a burst of vibrant colour into the wash space. These sinks are designed to complement the Gloo designer urinals, which come in the same variety of matching colours; red, apple green, blue, orange, yellow, dark grey, pink and snow white. Toilet cubicles are made to a custom size and finish, and house Armitage Shanks back to wall toilets, which are fitted to integrated plumbing system units and paired with an automatic toilet sensor flush kit. Automatic flushing sensors are also fitted with the Gloo urinals and Aquarius tall pillar sensor taps are used alongside the colourful counter mounted Glink sinks. These sensor activated functions not only improve usability, but also the hygiene of your washroom. The Contractor is an eye-catching setup that fits comfortably in all types of washroom environment.