Eclipse Ambassador Showroom Idea

The Continental Ambassador is a high profile washroom that is perfectly suited to airport executive lounges, hotels, restaurants and department stores.  In this washroom, features are all wall mounted, leaving the floor space completely clear instilling a feeling of spaciousness. This also works to make the Continental Ambassador one of our easy clean options. Twyford Galerie Plan urinals are mounted onto integrated plumbing system panels, which maintain the clean, sharp lines of the washroom and keep pipework out of sight. Toilets are housed in cubicles that are custom made for each location and are completely moisture resistant. These same materials are used for the IPS wall panels and come in a variety of colour options, allowing you to personalise the washroom to your business. Sensor activation is used to operate the taps, toilet and urinal flushers, which works to not only improve the usability of the Continental Ambassador, but also improve the hygiene of your washroom significantly. This washroom is highly hygienic, easy to clean, with effortless class and style.