Eclipse Continental

A clean, slimline washroom, Continental has a minimalistic and straight-forward design that delivers a contemporary edge to any commercial wash space. Cubicles and wall panels are custom made for each individual location and the bold contrasting colours can be changed to suit you personal preference and style. Both IPS wall panels and cubicles are made from extremely durable materials and are completely moisture resistant. Housed in these cubicles is the Ideal Standard Strada back to wall toilets which have the cistern and pipework hidden behind panel systems, helping retain the clean lines the Continental washroom demands. Urinals are also fully concealed and matched with automatic sensor flush kits, which work to improve hygiene throughout your washroom facilities.  After freshening up at the slimline washbasins, users dry their hands in the Dyson Airblade, an iconic hand dryer and one of the most high powered, durable and economic options available. The Continental is an ideal choice for executive lounges, members clubs and gyms.