Stature Bold

Designed to withstand extremely heavy use and with a strong focus on anti-vandal features, Stature Bold is a powerfully resistant washroom that doesn’t compromise on style. Reduced ligature, vandal resistant toilets feature a non-moving, solid surface seat and have been partnered with automatic sensor flush kits. This is housed in full height cubicles that are custom made for location. Both the cubicles and IPS panel systems are made from incredibly hardwearing materials and are fully moisture resistant. Outside the cubicles, we have Thrii anti-vandal recessed hand wash and dryer units. These units are ergonomically designed and soap, wash and dry cycles are fully adjustable, allowing you to make economic savings in the wash space. Stature Bold is a high functioning commercial suite that proves that strong, highly durable, anti-vandal washrooms can look slick and smart at the same time.