Storytime Aqua

Storytime Aqua is a washroom designed for young children of the pre-school and infant school age, though the features can be customised to suit smaller children if required. Low level Contour 21 back to wall toilets are used with a sensor operated automatic flush kit and are housed in custom made, highly durable toilet cubicles. The integrated plumbing system and wall panels are also made from this high-grade material, which is moisture resistant and hard wearing. The Twyford Clifton urinals are set at a lower height, which helps facilitate child access and is also partnered with an automatic sensor flush kit. The Armitage Shanks Sandringham washbasins are semi-recessed and come forward to meet the user from the vanity unit they are fitted to. Before leaving this colourful washroom, children dry their hands under the low set Biodryer Lite, a hand dryer with exceptional drying capabilities.