Storytime Garden

Designed with infant schools and play centres in mind, the Storytime Garden is a bright and interactive colourway of yellow and orange, giving warmth to child washrooms of all sizes. The cubicles and wall panels are custom made for the location and are produced from highly durable materials as well as being moisture resistant. The cubicle doors also feature clever ‘non-finger-trap’ hinges, ensuring little fingers and thumbs don’t get injured. Here, we see the Contour 21 Schools 355 toilets, which are made to a lower height to enable easy access for young users. The vanity unit is also custom built to the location’s requirements and is made using the same materials as the cubicles. Sandringham countertop washbasins are used alongside Dart Valley Systems Aquarius deck mounted sensor taps, which along with sensor activated toilet flushing systems and sensor activated hand dryers, improves the hygiene of your washroom significantly.