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Thursday / 2nd August

Staff retention is serious business and companies are working harder than ever to keep hold of good employees. It’s counterproductive to rattle through staff and the investment in training and development can vanish in an instant if an offer at a better workplace comes knocking.

Most SME’s know the importance of creating a positive and inviting workspace and offer perks like flexible working hours, free breakfasts and generous away-days to help boost morale and improve productivity. However, the washrooms are notoriously an area that gets overlooked.


The old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don't fix it,’ is sometimes used as an excuse, not to refurb. However, the washroom is a personal, private space and users want to feel that same intuitiveness and comfort as they do in the rest of the workplace.

Many modern features can also improve hygiene in your washroom, reducing the spread of bacteria and subsequent sick days from staff...But before you scare the finance guy, know that there are also ways to refresh your washroom without heading into a full-blown refurbishment project.

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Friday / 3rd August

If you're managing a project, or simply looking for an individual component for your washroom, there's every chance that we have what you're looking for in our Sale.

With close links to all the major suppliers within the industry, we work closely to ensure that we not only offer the best quality of the product but also the most competitive price possible. Ensuring that these products cover the entirety of any Commercial Washroom, you're bound to find exactly what you're after within our sale area.

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