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Typical School Toilet Refurbishment

Thursday / 26th October

Designing and specifying the correct washroom products to include in a School Toilet Refurbishment project is a central part of the work we do.

Commercial Washrooms can offer  schools and their contractors with a guide-through to a typical school toilet refurbishment specification.

Please note, all items included can, of course, be tailored to individual requirements.

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With this in mind, we will take a closer look at the various elements that may need to be considered when carrying out a school washroom project, such as;

  • Budget
  • Types of User
  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • 'Downtime' Duration

We don't just work for schools, many other institutions come to us for their washroom products....

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Reinforcing our Knowledge

School Washroom Refurbishments


No two School washroom, changing room or other facility are the same, and as such our flexible yet specialist knowledge means we are best equipped to set your project up for success.

We are proud of the quality and professionalism we apply to each and every job we engage with and as such are pleased to share these stories. Such stories include;

  • Portsmouth Grammar SchoolThis was a full changing room refurbishment. The changing rooms included toilet facilities and a commercial shower area. Included in the scope of works for the school changing room refurbishment project were facilities for staff, students and disabled users.
  • Bournemouth & Poole College - Required a toilet refurbishment specification to roll out throughout their multi-site Dorset campus. Starting with 2 ladies and 1 gent’s toilet rooms the resulting specification will be replicated numerous times over the coming years. The brief was for the toilet rooms to be extremely robust and eco-friendly.
  • Ansford AcademyThe school is a leading secondary school, educating up to GCSE level, within the Somerset region. With an ongoing aim of improving staff, student and visitor facilities the school set about the application for funding from the Department of Education (DoE) to improve the school toilets. They were successful in their application and went about re-designing the washroom layouts with help of Commercial Washrooms Design service.
  • Ernest BevinErnest Bevin College commissioned the refurbishment of four new commercial bathrooms - one for male students, one for male staff and two for female staff and visitors to create a positive aesthetic and a more pleasant working environment for staff, students and visitors to the school in Tooting.
  • London AcademyWe were recently asked to produce a school washroom design for two student washrooms and two staff washrooms at Edgware’s London Academy. London Academy is one of the largest secondary schools and sixth forms in the city and we had previously in conjunction with our fitting teams designed and refurbished 12 of the washrooms at the seven-year-old site.