St Annes School Southampton – Case Study

St Annes School Southampton – Case Study

The Customer

St Annes’ School Ladies Toilet Room was looking tired after more than two decades of use so the Commercial Washrooms school toilet refurbishment team was approached to update the facilities and introduce a more modern approach to the challenges of a School Toilet block.

The old Toilet Block consisted of 28 three-quarter-height Toilet Cubicles, Hand driers, Mirrors, Fluorescent Tubes and a central island for Hand Basins. It also had entrance doors so that antisocial behaviour could be conducted behind closed doors.

St Anne’s is a highly successful school with a strong moral purpose: to work together to strive to be the best that we can be and to live life to the fullest. Our Catholic ethos, girls’ school status at Key Stages 3 and 4 and our mixed Sixth Form College make us hard to beat as the best place to educate the region’s girls from 11 to 18 and boys 16 to 18.

Customer Testimonial

Ryan Young of St Annes School relfects on a smooth refurbishment

Before the Refurbishment

After consultation with our Commercial Washrooms Design Service Team a plan was approved to provide a complete strip out of the old School Toilet Cubicles and increase the amount of Toilet Cubicles to 30, add a suspended ceiling, clad the walls with Altro Hygienic Wall Cladding, 6 Armitage Shanks Sensor taps and counter mounted soap dispensers.

Cladding the Washroom in Hygienic wall cladding made the rooms hygienic and easy to clean. Whiterock not only holds strong hygiene credentials, but also high fire ratings.

With extensive experience in this sector, Commercial Washrooms can tackle everything from the ideal flow and design of your washroom for Children, to bringing together the best products that encourage strong personal hygiene habits.

Did you Know?

As School Pupils over 5 years of age require 1 toilet for every 20 pupils, increasing the amount of Toilet Cubicles increases the permissible amount of pupils in the school.

The Toilet Rooms were fitted with an IPS Duct System behind the toilet with Blue Oslo doors and Gris Perle Grey Solid Grade Laminate Cubicle sides. An IPS Duct System is a unit that conceals all the pipework, waste and cistern in a false wall delivering a clean, minimalist finish. The back-toback Bathroom Vanity Unit with Wash troughs made space extra Cubicles.

This School Toilet Refurbishment was all complete on time, on budget and outside of term time to minimise disruption.

The Finished School Toilets

Eliminating Antisocial Behaviour

The Project involved a lot of improvements in the way that Antisocial Behaviour is managed in modern Schools, from it's open-plan layout, sensor taps and floor-to-ceiling cubicles and a few other ingenious ideas.

  • Open plan design with no doors – increasing student security.
  • Floor-to-ceiling cubicles to prevent privacy being compromised. Camera Phones cannot fit below or above the Cubicle.
  • Sensor Taps – to save water and reduce the risk of flooding.
  • Anti-concealment ceiling tiles. Pupils cannot hide contraband in the Toilets
  • No mirrors – preventing injury and time-wasting, reducing 'hang time'.
  • High abuse anti-vandalism cubicles.

Read more about how Advances in Toilet Blocks are eliminating Antisocial behavior in schools.

Customer Response

How happy are you with your installation?

We're ecstatic with the installation. The process from day one has been so smooth - any minor snags that we've had the team have come up with brilliant suggestions to improve and make the cubicles fit perfectly. So yeah 100% satisfied.

How was the decision making process?

I was involved from day one liaising with Lewis Meaden. We've gone through many different designs to accommodate the best toilets that we could get in here. Lewis came up with some brilliant suggestions to fit in extra toilets so it's been really easy and it's great working with him.

Were there any disruptions to the School day?

Fortunately we were having work done in the summer holidays but even then the team have been so accommodating um with the times we've been able to work putting in extra hours where needed so there's been no disruptions - it's been smooth process

How did you decide to use Commercial Washrooms?

We spoke to a number of different contractors in regards to having these toilets fitted but immediately we felt a great connection. The response time on emails from day one were immediate. Lewis has been in constant contact with myself and others here at St Annes just to make sure everything moves smoothly.

Is it a benefit having all the specialisms in one company?

Having the Commercial Washrooms provide everyone from the Carpenters to the Plumbers and the Electricians has been brilliant any small issues that they've had they've had someone on site immediately to rectify it rather than waiting for a contractor from another company to come so it's been so smooth having it all in one.

Would you recommend Commercial Washrooms?

We'll 100% recommend - we're already looking at booking them in to provide Toilet Cubicles in the other areas of the School

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